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What Buddhists Believe

What Buddhists BelieveK.Sri Dhammanand Foreword The first edition of this book came into being in 1964 as a result of questions posed by devotees to the Venerable Author in the course of his delivering a prolonged series of Dhamma talks throughout the length and breadth of Malaysia. He felt that a book of this nature

Form and Emptiness

Emptiness and Form Unreal and real, non-existent and existent, abstract and concrete, negative and positive, noumenal and phenomenal. Voidness, emptiness, space, the immaterial, that which cannot be expressed in terms of the material. The characteristic of all things is unreality, they are composed of elements which disintegrate. Rupa, Outward apperance, form, matter, thing ; the

Buddha Nature

Buddha Nature Buddhata. The Buddha-nature, gnosis, enlightenment; potential bodhi remains in every gati, all have the capacity for enlightenment; for the Buddha-nature remains in all as wheat-nature remains in all wheat. This nature takes two forms: The Noumenal, in the absolute sense, unproduced and immortal, and The Phenomenal, in action. While every one possesses the

Rinpoche’s Words

Understanding the Need for Spiritual PracticeA Teaching by Kyabje Dorje Chang Kalu Rinpoche Given at Kagyu Thubten Chöling Monastery, 1986 In order to practice the Dharma taught by the Buddha it is necessary, at the outset, to establish confidence in its validity. First we must understand that we have had countless lives in the past

Buddha’s Words

ABANDONING SORROW   Thus have I heard, once in the Jeta Grove the Buddha addressed the monks thus: “Monks, I say that the elimination of the causes of sorrow is for one who knows and sees wisely, not for one who does not know and see wisely. Monks, there are causes of sorrow that should

Bodhisattva Practice

The Practice of Bodhisattva Dharma   PREFACE then civilization is able to expand and go forward. If one has light, then even he, as an individual, can help to disperse the darkness of ignorance. Thus, wisdom and civilization are the right way for everyone to follow, and Buddhadharma illuminates the world. Just what is Buddhadharma?