May 2013

Buddhist-related Articles & Writings Contributed or Forwarded by Harry Leong

Buddhist-related Articles & Writings Contributed or Forwarded by Harry Leong Buddhists ‘really are happier’ The First Tibetan Vegetarian and Vegan Society Tibetan Buddhist Appeal for Vegetarianism Buddhist practice saved lives in Myanmar’s tsunamis Buddhist monks lead prayers to cleanse Thai beach Gout – Natural Juice Therapy A Story about HH Dalai Lama Website of the

May Lein’s column

Evolution to Red Lotus from blazing Flames Sister MayLein Ho, a Tibetan Buddhist, is also a librarian in a public library in the state of New Jersey, USA. She emphasizes compassion as the guiding principle of life through mercy and benevolence. For the past twenty-five years she has demonstrated an insatiable quest for knowledge. So


Buddhism and Healing by Alfred Bloom, Professor Emeritus, University of Hawaii Buddhism began in India about 5th century BCE and began its spread through Asia from about the 3rd century BCE when King Asoka sent out missionaries to South Asia and to the West. In the course of time, it evolved into two major traditions


What is Buddhism ? Buddhism cannot be categorised. No label suits it. Buddhism is not a religion, at least not in sense that we generally use the word. In fact, it does not at all presuppose belief in the existence of one or several gods, and in a more general way, categorically rejects the idea


Buddhist Psychology Over 2500 years ago, the Buddha discovered the roots of suffering, and out of this awareness developed an articulate psychology that elegantly describes the human condition. Buddhist psychology tells us that we suffer because we are cut off from aspects of our experience as humans, grasping at pleasure and rejecting pain. And as


I, my, mine; the ego, the master of the body, compared to the ruler to a country. Composed of the five skandhas and hence not a permanent entity. It is used for atman, the self, personality. Buddhism takes as a fundamental dogma, no permanent ego, The erroneous idea of a permanent self continued in reincarnation


THE SONG OF ENLIGHTENMENT By Ch’an Master Hsuan Chuen of Yung Chia. This Ancient Buddha was the Dharma Successor of Hui-Neng and also the Dharma Successor of Master T’ien Kung who was the 7th Patriarch of the T’ien T’ai Sect. Yung Chia is called the “Overnight Enlightened One” by those who dwell at Ts’ao Ch’i.


Karma, Kamma is moral action which causes future retribution, and either good or bad transmigration. It is also that moral kernel in each being which survives death for further rebirth or metempsychosis. A friend asked me concerning Karma What is Karma? Karma and the ending of Karma Karma of Body Speech and Mind Kamma in


THE PAGE OF EMPTINESS In this page we will learn the philosophy of emptiness and how to reach this idea in our daily life. THE basic idea in philosophic system of Mahayana should contain two categories, one is the vast Heart of Bodhi (Mind of True Awakening), also is the limitlessly and vastly merciful wish


Distinguishing ego from true self(Quotations from Sogyal Rinpoche) Two people have been living in you all your life. One is the ego, garrulous, demanding, hysterical, calculating; the other is the hidden spiritual being, whose still voice of wisdom you have only rarely heard or attended to. …you have uncovered in yourself your own wise guide.