Buddha Nature

What is Buddha Nature?
Well it is the thing that Buddhism is pointing at but Buddhists find difficult to define. They tend to define it by saying what it is not. So here are some of my favourite quotes:-
"There is, Oh Monks, a not-born, a not-become, a not-made, a not-compounded. Monks, if that unborn, not-become, not-made, not-compounded were not, there would be no escape from this here that is born, become, made and compounded." the Buddha: Chapter 8 section 3 of the 'Udana'.
"Buddha nature is the potential to become a Buddha. It exists in men, women, young, old and even non-human beings like animals. For some, their present circumstances or existence may obstruct the fulfilment of that potential, but ultimately, all possess the capacity to achieve Buddhahood. No matter how confused we might be or have been, no matter what suffering we might have endured and no matter how intelligent or unintelligent we may be, we each have the same potential for enlightenment…. For a Buddhist it is crucial to appreciate that there is actually no real difference between ordinary people like ourselves and awakened ones like the Buddha. " Lama Jampa Thaye in 'Discovering the Causes of Happiness'.
"…there is nothing to gain, nowhere to go. The very effort you make to become enlightened will prevent wisdom from arising, for wisdom can never arise from desire. Simply be, let go and watch. Naturally. Right here, tight now. That is all there is. As understanding deepens in the practice of meditation we begin to experience the unity that underlies the various forms in samsara. Paradoxes become acceptable when the mind becomes silent, open to inner experience." Jack Kornfield, page 15 of 'Living Dharma'.
"I am not God and there is nothing in me that is not of God", Reverend Master Jiyu Kennett (from a recorded talk).