Learn from other Practitioner’s Ideas or Experiences

In this Page we also can learn something from other people’s ideas or experiences:

Crime Nursery
Pride and Conciet
Pastery of Pride
Timeless Message
Human Dignity
Free Thinkers
Buddhism at Christmas Time
Metaphor for the Truth of the Cause of Suffering
Dharma Tree
Birth Death and Unmoving Mind
Unfortunate Circumstances
Moral Conduct
Perfection of Giving
Remembering Death
Bad and Good Depend on the Individual Person’s Interpretation
How to Benefit the Dying and the Dead
How to deal with Attachment and Desire
The Practices of Bodhisattvas
Eight Verses on the Training of Mind
Heart and Mind
Sending and Receiving
Heart Advice in a Nutshell
Qualities of Buddhahood
Door of Happiness
River that cannot be Frozen
Everything comes from Mind
Purpose of Religion
Guidelines for Students
Kindness and Comapssion
Compassion without Illusion
Heart of Mindfulness
Teaching from Khandro Rinpoche
Heart Advice on the Dawning of Awareness
Letter from Lama Tharchin Rinpoche
Buddhism in the West
Keeping Buddhism Alive
Generosity: a Buddhist Perspective
Learn to See
Interview with Topga Yulgyal Rinpoche
Time and Space and Free Will
Geshe Dawa’s Heart Advice
Bardo of Death of Rebirth
Truth Buddhist
We should not waste this Opportunity
Learning in a Total Way
No need for too much Tradition
Great Compassion
The Need for Mind Training
Caring for Children
Mind Teaching
More Practice
The Mind of Enlightenment
Fulfilling Life’s Purpose
Understanding Suffering and Controlling the Mind
Creating Peace of Mind
Desire is the Source of all Problems
Remembering Impermanence and Death
Eliminating Anger
30 pieces of Advice from the Heart
What is Kamma
Create our own future
Mercy killing
The Buddhist Attitude
The fifth precept covers all intoxicants
A good dose of Dhamma
A heart released