The demons in the lower realm, like the Ghost Realm. They are evil, malignant and violent. They live on earth or in air.

a Sanskrit word means vehicle. A term applied to Buddhism as a means by which a practitioner cultivates on the path to enlightenment. The different vehicles correspond to views of spiritual path, that differ as to the basic attitude of the practitioner and the means of making progress on the way. There are categories of one, two, three and five vehicles.

the wife of Siddhartha Goutama. She later became a Bhikhuni.


See Dharmalaksana School.


Demons who can move very fast.

Yin Guang

Master Chin Kung's Dharma Teacher was Professor Ping-Nan Lee. Professor
Lee's Teacher was Master Yin Guang.

Yin Kuang

See "Yin Guang."