Generally, it refers to the Way of Bodhi or enlightenment leading to Nirvana through spiritual stages, and even to Buddhahood through Bodhisattva's practices. Sometimes, it is also called the Path, the Road, the Truth, the Reason, the Logos, Cosmic Energy, etc., depending on different circumstances.

Wheel of Law
The Buddha-truth which is able to crush all evil, and which rolls on from man to man, place to place and age to age. To turn the wheel means to preach Buddha-truth.

Wheel-rolling King
Cakkavatti-raja in Pali, Cakravarti-raja in Sanskrit. Also known as Sagely Wheel-turning King. There are four such kings, each with a precious wheel of gold, silver, copper, and iron. The kings reign over the four areas in north, south, east and west. It is believed that the Gold-Wheel King is to come in perfection and unify the world. In Indian mythology, he is the ideal ruler.

the highest of Paramita; the virtue of wisdom as the principal means of attaining Nirvana. It connotes a knowledge of the illusory character of everything earthly, and destroys error, ignorance, prejudice and heresy.

World Honoured One
One of the titles of the Buddha. In Sutras, this is the respected title of Shakyamuni Buddha. See also Ten Titles of Buddha.

Western Pure Land

See "Pure Land."

wheel of Dharma

See " Dharma wheel."

wheel-turning kings

(Sanskrit: chakra-varti-rajas, "holy kings who turn the wheel.") Great kings who rule various worlds but are not as high as Buddhas or great Bodhisattvas.

World Honored Ones


worldly dusts

See "dusts."

Wonderful Enlightenment

See "Ten Grounds."