WOMEN ARE TIGERS - a Buddhist Joke

One day, an old monk (bhikshus) in a monastery took an young monk (or sramaneras) to town to do some business. The young monk grew up in the monastery all his life and seldom ventured out on his own. Before they went, the old monk told him, "Beware of tigers. There are a lot of man-eating tigers in town. I will show you when they are present."
As they wonder through the busy street of the metropolitan, the young monk noticed that there are a lot of attractive women passing by. Every time, they came pass an attractive woman, the old monk would tell him, "Be ware. She is a man-eating tiger."
After they return to the monastery that night, the two had super together. The old monk asked the young monk, "What do you like best in town?"
The young monk replied, "man-eating tigers."