The venerable Shariputra asked the Buddha, "How am I to behave, O Lord, toward those in conflict." "Do not reprove them Shariputra," said the Blessed One, "for harsh words do not serve as a remedy and are pleasant to no one. Assign them to separate dwelling-places and treat them with impartial justice. Listen with patience to both parties. Only the person who weighs both sides is called a sage. When both parties have presented their case, let the community come to an agreement and declare the re-establishment of concord (harmony). There are two ways of re-establishing concord: one is in the letter, and the other one is in the spirit and in the letter. If the community declares the re-establishment of concord without having inquired into the matter, the peace is concluded in the letter only. But if the community, having inquired into the matter and having gone to the bottom of it, decides to declare the re-establishment of concord, the peace is concluded in the spirit and also in the letter. The concord reestablished in the spirit and in the letter is alone right and lawful."