A Buddhist reflection on the World Trade Center tragedy
Rev. Kusala

The Day the World Changed
Buddhist Monks are taught this world of ours is ultimately filled with old age, sickness, death, and birth. And the suffering caused by this ever changing flux is a constant reminder not to become attached to the imperfect world we live in.
On Tuesday 9/11 the greed, hatred, and delusion of a few... became the cause of great suffering for many. The unskillful actions witnessed on that day caused numerous people to question the meaning of life. To look more closely at their relationships with country, state, city, family, and friends. And some found the secular language of everyday living totally inadequate in explaining why so many people had to die in such horrible ways.
The Clergy was asked to interpret the events in a way; the heart could understand. The holy texts became a starting point, and each tradition in their own special way arranged the pieces and created a picture of the challenge we as human beings find ourselves involved in.
This human life of ours is filled with many choices... Greed or generosity... Hatred or loving-kindness... Delusion or wisdom... It's our choice, our community, and our world.