A Message from Tsoknyi Rinpoche ~
Guru Rinpoche said that from time to time, disasters occur in the world due to the collective force of negativities within people's disturbed minds. According to Buddhism, the elements of earth, water, fire and air that constitute the phenomenal world are interdependently connected to the mind. Because of this, outer catastrophes are the results of disturbed states of mind. Therefore, he indicated that whenever such great disasters occur in the outer world, these events should act as a further motivation to strengthen our loving kindness and compassion.
In these times of great sorrow and confusion, I ask all my students and friends to further develop their love and compassion impartially. If you can help those directly affected by the situation, please do so. Otherwise, try to influence others caught up in hatred and resentment, to change their attitude to one of understanding and forgiveness.
In addition, it would be very beneficial to recite the "Dusum Sangye Guru Rinpoche" supplication, also known as Buddha of the Three Times. This prayer has the power to remove the outer obstacles created by the four elements, the inner obstacles of physical sickness due to energy imbalance in our body, and the secret obstacles of depression and neuroses stemming from our grasping mind.
Please remember that I always pray for your well-being and wish that we may meet in the near future. May there be peace in the world.
-- Tsoknyi Rinpoche