Tofu Making - on Friday, January 8th 1999

Tofu, made from soybeans, has been a nutritional food of the Orient for 2,000 yrs. It has been used for its cooling effects, detoxifying the body and intestines and even medicinally for jaundice and dysentery. Because it is so easily digested it can be eaten by young and old alike. Today tofu is used world wide for culinary and medicinal purposes and is especially popular in the west as a meat substitute creating tasty vegetarian dishes. The history of tofu has spread its way from China throughout Asia, Japan, the USA and Europe.
The popularity of tofu in the west today is due largely to the fact that it has been accepted by the mainstream as the most complete alternative, source of protein.Being healthy, ecological and economical it has become the most versatile super food on the planet. Tofu is really neutral in taste but takes on the taste of anything you mix it with making it the perfect meat substitute.
Nutritionally, it is the king of all proteins, because it has absolutely no chlosterol and is low in sodium.. It is very low in fat and yet is high in energy boosting protein. Tofu is an excellent source of absorbable calcium and is high in vitamins and minerals.Tofu assists in lowering chlosterol levels . Lecithin and linoleic acid are two substances found in tofu which break down cholesterol and fat deposits in the blood.
Soy milk is equally as healthy and tasty and can easily substitute cows milk. It can be used in shakes and in any recipe that calls for milk.
In order to get your family started on tofu, simply start using it as a substitute in any dish where you would use meat. Tofu mimics the texture of eggs, meat, fish and fowl and in many dishes can not be detected that it is really tofu.
Tofu can be baked, broiled, fried, barbequed, boiled or steamed. It can be used in any curry dish or fried rice. Here are a few recipes that may entice your taste buds. Let your imagination run wild and see how your creative skills increase your family's health.
Learn how to make fresh tofu and soy milk in your own kitchen.
Introduction Portrait:
Goenpo Dorji, a citizen of Bhutan, is presently residing in Chiang Mai and is director of Pro Cynery, a Health Consultancy. He is a student of the British Institute of Homoeopathy. Having been a Buddhist monk for 7.5 yrs he brings serenity into the art of Tofu making and wheatgrass growing.