A message from Ron Teeguarden

It's the Right Time to Go for Radiant Health
This is an incredibly exciting time in human evolution. It is truly an exhilarating time, full of promise - but also full of danger. I, for one, want to live a long life, free from disease and suffering. And I want to age slowly and gracefully. I want to be physically strong and clear minded. I want satisfaction and fulfillment. I am sure that you share these goals with me.
Many years ago, I discovered, by good fortune, the Oriental way of radiant health. I became the student of a great Daoist master who taught me about many things about life, including the art of the superior herbalism, also known as tonic herbalism. This art changed (saved) my life, and I have since found fulfillment in my life by passing the knowledge of this art on to as many people as I can. It is my complete belief that the principles of tonic herbalism, and of course the herbs themselves, can improve the lives of virtually every person on the planet, were each person to become aware of them. The tonic herbs are health promoting. They protect us and slow down the aging process. They encourage our creativity and help make us more lovely. They strengthen us and allow us to accomplish our goals. They promote our wisdom. And they are especially important to all of us right now.
There have been several revolutionary explosions in the world in the past century - and many of us have played a part in these incredible changes - for good or ill. For one, the population has doubled in our lifetime. This has led to, and will further lead to, incredible problems for you and me, and even more so for our children. We must not only feed and house everyone, but we owe it to each and every soul on earth to help them achieve happiness, health, peace and a satisfactory life. If we fail to accomplish these basics, it will come back to destroy much or all of what we have created. The world is one whole - we must never lose sight of this one fundamental truth.
On the other hand, the technological revolution that has now evolved into the digital age has opened the door to a new era of world unification, free flow of goods and services, and freedom of expression. On the technological front, the future is truly amazing, and we truly have a lot to look forward to. The future is in our hands, for ourselves and for our children.
But perhaps, ultimately, the most important revolution has been the revolution in social awareness and spiritual consciousness that was spawned in the 1960's and has continued to mature for the past thirty five years. This revolution has drawn heavily from the wisdom of the ancient Far East, as well as from enlightened indigenous cultures from throughout the world. Issues such as human rights, the environment (ecology) and health care have altered your life and the lives of people throughout the world. One area of great interest to many people has been the issue of natural health care, and in particular, natural means of achieving radiant. 'Radiant health' is defined in the Orient as 'health beyond danger.' We are now living in an era when the dream of achieving consistent and genuine radiant health is within sight. Still, though, many people have not found their way to a truly healthy lifestyle. Though the means of achieving radiant health are available, the guidance of caring teachers and providers remains necessary - and will for quite some time. It is our goal to pass on to you some of what we have learned.
The world is at a crossroads. If the planet is to be brought back to radiant health, and if the human race is to survive and flourish, we all need to cultivate our own personal health NOW, in conjunction with the health of human society and the health of both the local and global environment. As our collective awareness develops, it is becoming clear to a huge number of people that our personal well being is totally dependent upon the health, sanity and well being of human civilization and the health of the planet. Each of us, in our own way, can contribute to making this a better, healthier, more harmonious world - and live a better, healthier, more fulfilling life as a result. The Asian tonic herbs can help sustain our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength - all necessary at this point in human evolution. Health is the greatest of blessings, and it is within reach for most of you. It all starts with your commitment to your own radiant health and that of your families and friends.
For the first time in all of history, it is possible for anyone to obtain the most incredible health-promoting nutrients and supplements ever discovered. Herbal substances that have always been so rare that they were available only to monarchs, aristocrats and hermits are now available to you for the asking - if you know what to look for and where to look. And that's where we come in. We have spent many years sourcing the finest, most effective herbal tonics in the world. We have identified the best means of collecting these herbs, transporting them, processing them so that they are at peak potency and efficacy, and delivering them to you (and to ourselves, since we too are on the path of radiant health). We are very pleased to offer the greatest line of tonic herbs in the world to anyone seeking to improve their lives and to find true radiant health. We hope that you will find in the following pages a resource that you may use to change your life for the better, and that you will find satisfaction in.
Ron Teeguarden, December 1999