Compassionate Lotus Sutra
Karuna Pundarika Sutra
Mahakarunapundarika Sutra
Mahayana Compassionate Pundarika(White Lotus) Sutra
Translated during the Northern-Lerng Dynasty by Tripitaka Master Dharmaraksa from India

Chapter 17: The Vows on the Supernatural Transformations of the Shariras

After my Nirvana, if any living being makes offerings to my Shariras with treasures or music, or, in front of my Shariras, says "Namo Buddha" even once, or makes obeisance just once, or circumambulate it clockwise even once, or joins his palms even once, or makes an offering of just one flower -- out of this cause, he will achieve the non-retrograde stage in any of the Three Vehicles, according to his wish.

After my Nirvana, if any living being can uphold even one precept that comes from my Dharmas and can comply with it as I taught, or if he can read or recite even as few as four gathas, speak them for others and make the hearers delightful, and the hearers can make an offering to the Dharma-teacher with even one flower or one obeisance, then, all of them will respectively achieve the non-retrograde stages in any of the Three Vehicles according to their wishes.

As far as when the correct Dharmas vanish, the Dharma-torch quenches, and the Dharma-flag falls down, my Shariras will sink into the Gold Wheel Position. At that time, the Saha world lacks treasures, therefore, let my Shariras transform into flaming bright beryl named Superior-Mind, emerge from the Gold Wheel Position, ascend to Akanistha heaven, and rain down multifarious flowers, including Mandara flowers, Maha-Mandara flowers, Paricitra flowers, Manjusaka flowers, Maha-Manjusaka flowers, Rocamona flowers, Dhara flowers, Maha-dhara flowers, Undefiled Wheel Flowers, Hundred-petaled flowers, Thousand-petaled flowers, Hundred thousand-petaled flowers, Universal Light flowers, Universal Fragrance flowers, Virtuous Joy flowers, Sato flowers, Rocana flowers, Joy-Limitation Moonlight flowers, Bright Moon flowers, Countless Colored flowers, Countless Fragrances flowers, and Countless Light flowers.

During such a great rain, those flowers will also utter multifarious gentle sounds, including the sounds of Buddhas, sounds of Dharmas, sounds of Sanghas, sounds of taking refuge in the three treasures, sounds of Upasaka precepts, sounds of the holy eight precepts, sounds of the monks' ten precepts, sounds of giving, sounds of precept-keeping, sounds of pure Brahma-practices and the complete great precepts, sounds of persuading and teaching, sounds of sutra-reading and reciting, sounds of Dhyana and meditations, sounds of contemplating the unclean, sounds of meditating on inhales and exhalations, sounds of the neither-thought-nor-no-thought concentrations, sounds of the nothingness concentrations, sounds of the immeasurable consciousnesses concentrations, sounds of the immeasurable emptiness concentrations, sounds of the eight victorious stages, sounds of the ten ubiquitous things, sounds of the stopping and contemplations, sounds of emptiness, sounds of the formless, sounds of non-action, sounds of the twelve interconnected causes, sounds of the complete Dharma-Store of Voice-hearers, sounds of the complete Dharma-Store of Pratyeka-buddhas, and sounds of the full speech on the six Paramitas of Mahayana.