Scientific basis of Anatta Explained

Over 2500 years ago, the Buddha understood and realised through his direct experiential knowledge (as against a celestial message) the true nature of the universe and expounded to the world the unprecedented power of the mind. Buddha was the first to expound the theory of Anatta, the denial of existence of a soul. It revolutionised the minds of the "intelligent" and pushed them on the path to 'wisdom'. Not only the Theory of Anatta until the time of the Buddha nobody has fully understood or realised concepts such as telepathy and rebirth. The Buddha by Kalama Sutta opened his teachings to everyone and invited all to examine question and investigate the truth of the teachings.
Dr Granville Dharmawardena in 1996 through his own research and investigations presented proof that rebirth is a scientifically acceptable natural phenomenon which paper "Beyond the Net" carried. Now Dr Dharmawardena has developed a scientific model of the 'body-brain and consciousness' which he claims explains the scientific basis of the Theory of Anatta and the mechanisms of rebirth, telepathy and clairvoyance. Here we present the paper published by Dr Dharmawardena on the scientific basis of Anatta theory. Dr. Dharmawardena is a Nuclear Scientist who holds a Ph.D. Degree from the Cambridge University. He has had training at Harvard University, Australian School of Nuclear Technology and French Atomic Energy Commission. He is the Director of the Radioisotope Centre, University of Colombo. He has also served as the Dean of the Faculty of Science of the University of Colombo, Chairman of Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Authority and Consultant to Monash University (Australia). He was awarded the Gold Medal for the Most Outstanding Scientist in Sri Lanka in 1984.