The New Science of Bio-Psychology

From a workshop/talk on Tantra Yoga by Dada Shiilabhadrananda:
The Interdependence of Biology and Psychology:
· The mind acts through the body through the cakras, glands and hormonal secretions.
· Sometimes the body affects the mind: e.g. indigestion/constipation creates short temper.
· Sometimes the mind affects the body: e.g. anger causes the blood to rush to the face.
· Or, when we are depressed we slump our shoulders and bow our heads. When we are feeling melancholy our appetite disappears and we do not feel like eating.
· Man has evolved tremendously in the course of his 1 million years on the Earth.
· The goal of human life is the movement from imperfection to perfection, from crudeness to subtlety. Our mental evolution is nothing but the continuation of our earlier physical evolution.
There are 4 Areas of Human Psychology:
· Inborn Instinct: eating, sleeping, defecating: Physical
· Non-Inborn instinct: anger, fear, jealousy: physical
· Desire for Psychic Pabulum: psychic
· Pinnacled Psychology: spiritual
My Own Experience of Bio-Psychology:
· For the past 22 years as a Yogic monk I have been living comfortably with 5 hours sleep per night. I have loads of work, travel constantly, start projects from scratch with little or no money and live a tension free life. I have not been ill in 22 years except malaria in Africa.
· All this is due to the regular discipline involved in Bio-Psychology which emphasizes daily yoga asanas practice, mantra meditation technique, vegetarian diet and fasting at intervals.
· It is mind which rules body. Bio-Psychology enables one to receive inspiration from highest level of consciousness enabling one to perform seemingly impossible tasks with a loving and sweet nature, without developing self-pride or ego, or experiencing burn out.
Different Asanas For Development of Different Glands:
· Gonads and Ovaries: Cowshead and Half Head to Knee Pose.
· Adrenals and Pancreas: Peacock, Wheel, Bow and Full Head to Knee Pose
· Thymus: Cobra and Action Pose.
· Thyroid/Parathyroid: Plough, Shoulderstand, Fish, Spinal Twist.
· Pituitary and Pineal Gland: Daily Mantra Meditation, Hare Pose
The Major Contributions to Human Knowledge:
1. Provides connecting link between body and mind through the cakra, endocrine gland and hormone system.
2. Unites diverse sciences of biology, psychology and philosophy.
3. Provides practical techniques to sublimate thoughts to higher levels thereby eliminating stress in a natural and drug free manner.
4. Roots out complexes of the mind from their source without using chemicals or psychotherapy.
5. Enables humans to achieve the highest level of Consciousness, gradually with no ill side effects.
6. Teaches a balanced approach between the material and spiritual pursuits of life enabling one to enjoy spiritual bliss without escaping from worldly duties.
7. Inspires one from deep within to do something concrete for universal social welfare, to be a catalyst for global change and self renewal.