Animal Liberating Ceremony
written by Thupten Tendhar

Animal Liberation is one of the most important ceremonies of Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism. It has been practiced over the millenniums saving millions of lives. The ceremony is consisted of purification, mantra recitation, showering of flower and the dedication. Once the animal is formally liberated through this ceremony, it shouldn't be killed for it's for meat, skin or whatsoever reasons. Instead, one should provide good care of the animals and let them enjoy normal life as long as they sustains.

Lamas recite Purification verses such as follows:

Although the enlightened body, speech and mind are free from impurities
But to purify those unenlightened beings and their three contaminations
We offer this cleansing nectar to awaken body, speech and mind
May suffering beings be freed from physical, mental and verbal obscuration!

Lamas send incense smoke through the air which is inhaled by the concerned animals purifying their inner bodily impurities. They also capture images of the animals onto a mirror and then purify pouring blessed water from a sacred wisdom vase over the mirror accompanied by chanting and meditation. Lamas also shower some purifying nectars directly onto the animals symbolizing cleansing of negativities.

Soon after the purification ceremony lamas beautify the animals with a symbolic white collar. And then monks recite specific mantras such as "Om Mani Pedme Hum" for dissolution of negative Karmas, gaining strength, good health and harmonious long life. After the mantra recitation the monks then shower with flower or flower petals as mark of auspiciousness throughout their remaining life. Many people ask for new names of their animal or pet at that stage. The new naming is considered helpful changing one's attitude towards the being and also as a mark of starting a new prosperous life.

The Lamas conclude this particular ceremony with dedication prayers wishing every sentient being including the pet, its parents and relatives and owners a happy, healthy and satisfactory life. The positive Karmas accumulated by participating the ceremony is also dedicated for the harmony between human and non-human beings and as well as for the perfect balance between the four elements which is crucial for wellbeing of environment and its inhabitants.

A short animal liberation ceremony is often recommended in divinations to solve obstacle for one's life. The theory basically comes from "cause and effect" ideas which clearly defines that good come from good and bad comes from implanting bad. Whether you believe in this theory or not, the practice itself is a kind, compassionate and advanced mankind's attitude.
Thank You!

Thupten Tendhar