Purification for Animals

Rinpoche received the following letter and pictures from two students who had devised a train to carry animals around holy objects, thus purifying them of negative karmas.
Their letter and Rinpoche's response are below.

To our most precious guide Lama Zopa Rinpoche,
Due to Rinpoche's very inspiring teachings we came up with some ideas which we have now put into action.
First, we now have an animal liberation train. We put boxes with small insects or worms in it, thousands of insects and worms, which the train takes around many holy objects in our gompa for the whole day. In the evening we recite the powerful mantras and then we release them.
We have made very small stickers of the Namgyalma mantra and stick them on hidden places in shopping centers, trains, airplanes, hospitals, old people's homes, and many other kinds of buildings.
We also made very small stickers of the mantra that purifies beings when they pass under it. We put them on highways, train bridges, or above doors of people's homes. Like this, there are many more ideas, and with the help of Rinpoche's devoted student, Norman, we have been able to put them into action one by one.
If we create some small merit through this we would fully like to dedicate it to the long and healthy life of our most precious guide Lama Zopa Rinpoche.
Please, please live long, please live very long and guide us until samsara ends.
Many greetings from us,
Lorraine and Ralf, with baby Rosi

Rinpoche's response:
My very dear Lorraine and Ralf,
Thank you very much for your letter. Your idea is great, fantastic! The animals receive enormous purification, unbelievable purification, each time they circumambulate the holy objects, also they create incredible merit. Just in one hour that they circumambulate, they purify negative karma which causes a good rebirth, liberation from samsara, and enlightenment. If there are 100,000 holy objects then in one circumambulation they create 100,000 causes of liberation, 100,000 causes of enlightenment, and that is just one time circumambulating. If they go around for one hour on the little train then it is unbelievable, and if they go around all night long it is unbelievably unbelievable.
So, this is a great idea, an excellent idea.
It would be better if the train was at the same height as the holy objects, so maybe you can lift it up so they are at the same level as the holy objects (about the height of the merit box).
Also, having people carry the insects and animals is good, because you are putting effort into liberating them, by carrying them in your own hand, so it is more direct; maybe there is more of a connection, maybe a different feeling. By carrying them in your hand then also people receive the same benefit as the animals, purify their negative karma, creating the cause for a good rebirth, liberation from samsara, and enlightenment. This is also how the animals help people because the people take the animals around the holy objects and in this way the people circumambulate. This is the animals helping the people to purify their negative karma and achieve enlightenment.
But that is great what you have created. Fantastic.
I would like to put this in Mandala magazine, so when you take a photo of the train at the new height, that can go in Mandala.
With much love and prayers to you and your family...