The Sutra Of Casket Seal Dharani From The Secrete Whole Bodies’ Relics Of All Buddhas' hearts

Thus I have heard, at one time, The Buddha was at the Precious Bright Pond in the No-dirt Garden in the country of Moqietuo, surrounded by an assembly of uncountable high Bodhisattvas, high Sound Hearers, Heavenly Dragons, Yaochas, Jiandapos, Asuluoes, Jialouluoes, Jinaluoes, Mohouluoqies, Human beings and Non-human beings.

At that time, a high Bhraman in this assembly whose name was No-dirt and Subtle Light. He was a wise man of profound knowledge. All people were delightful to meet him. He took refuge with Triple Gems and always did ten good deeds. He was very mercy and wise. He always wished all living beings to be completely good and rich.

This Bhraman No-dirt and Subtle light stood from his seat. He walked to The Buddha and surrounded Him for seven times. He offered The Buddha with many flowers and incense. He put very expensive clothes and jewellery on The Buddha. He made obeisance to The Buddha’s feet , stood by one side and said: “ We invite The World Honoured One and all of you to accept my offering in my home tomorrow morning. Then The Buddha promised.

The Bhraman knew The Buddha accepted his invitation. He returned home quickly and prepared one hundred delicious food and drinks at night. He cleaned all his halls and rooms. He hanged many banners. He brought his relatives with incense, flowers and good music in the next morning. They came to The Buddha and said: “It is the right time, please come to my home”. The Buddha answered the Bhraman No-dirt Subtle Light kindly and announced to the mass: “All of you should go to the Bhraman’s home and receive the offering to let them receiving big benefit. Then The Buddha stood up from his seat. Various colour light from The Buddha shown to ten directions as soon as The Buddha stood. All the people saw and started to walk.

Then the Bhraman brought with him incense and flowers respectively with his relatives and Heavenly Dragons, Eight Departments, the four Bhraman Kings walking in front to open and guide the way for The Buddha.

At that time The Buddha walked to a small distance and arrived at a garden named" Rich"

There was an old Stupa which was damaged with brambles and grass. It was buried with tiles and rocks. It looked like a mound of mud. The Buddha walked to this Stupa. The Stupa shone very brightly. A sound from this mound of mud praising:

“Good indeed, Good indeed, Shakyamuni. Your walk today is in a very good situation. And Bhranman, you will receive great benefit today.” Then The Buddha paid respect to the Stupa and walked surrounding clockwise to the Stupa. The Buddha took off his gown and put it on the mound of mud. He wept seriously. After weeping He smiled again. At that time all Buddhas from ten directions saw and wept. They emitted bright lights to shine this Stupa. All the people was frighten and confused. At that time The Varjrapania Bodhisattva wept seriously. He walked to The Buddha in a dignified manner with his pestle turning and said to The Buddha:”

Why is it so bright? Why do you weep? And The Buddhas from ten directions are appearing with such a brightness. We wish The Thus Come One to explain my question to the mass.

Then The Bhagavad told Varjrapania.“ All Buddhas' uncountable kotis heart dharani secrete seal Dharma is in this great whole body relics concentration Buddhas’ Stupa. This Stupa became overlapping with no gap, as many as sesames. Hundreds and thousands of kotis Buddhas

Bodies are also as many as sesames. Hundreds and thousands of kotis Buddhas' whole bodies relics concentration, even the eighty four thousand Dharmas are inside this Stupa.

Ninety nine hundreds of thousands of millions kotis Buddhas' heads' form are also inside. Because of this wonderful reason, no matter where this Stupa is, it is very spiritual efficacious. The wonderful virtue may satisfy all Earthly good wishes."

When the mass heard The Buddha said like that. They left all the dirty thoughts, and all the worries were gone. They obtained clean Dharma eyes. They obtained one of the result according to their different conditions. Their benefit were also different. Some body obtained Sakadagamin, Sotapannas, Anagamin, Arhat, Pratyeka Buddhas and Boddhisattva, Avarvartyas, Sabuoruo wisdom. Some people were certified to obtain the primary stage, the second stage until the tenth stage of Boddhisattva position. Some of them obtained satisfied six paramita. The Bhraman left dirty thoughts and obtained five spiritual penetrations.

When Varjrapania Bodhisattva saw this strange matter, he said to The Buddha: “ Good indeed, so strange. We obtain such wonderful merit and virtual since we hear about it. If we hear the truth and wholeheartedly believe it, how much merit and virtual we can obtain?”

The Buddha said: “ Listen Varjrapania. If there are faithful men or faithful ladies and the four groups of disciples of mine in the future bring forth to write this Sutra, it is equal to write all Sutras spoken by ninety nine hundred thousand kotis Buddhas. They have planted good roots in front of ninety nine hundred thousand kotis Buddhas. All the Buddhas take care of them just like protecting their eyes, also like the mercy mothers taking care of their sons. If anybody read this one Sutra, it is equal to reading all Sutras spoken by all Buddhas from the past, present and the future. Because of this reason, ninety nine hundred thousand kotis Buddhas, Proper Enlightened Ones as many as sesames come range upon range without any gap. They show up day and night to bless this people. So all Buddhas as many as uncountable sand grits in the Ganges will arrive even when the previous Buddhas range hasn’t left. They come by turns like the sands revolving in the whirling water. They come to and fro without stop. If anybody offers this Sutra with incense, flowers, beautiful clothes and wonderful decorations. They become Heavenly flowers, beautiful clothes and wonderful decorations made from seven gems appearing in front of ninety nine hundred thousand kotis Buddhas from the ten directions of the Universe. These things piled up like The Sumero Mountain for offerings. The good roots they plant are also so many.”

At that time, the Heavenly Dragons, the Eight Departments, Humans and Non-humans heard about this. They felt very strange and talked to each other:” So strange is this spoiled mound. It has such spiritual change because of the Buddhas’ blessing.” Varjrapani asked The Buddha again:

“The World Honored One, why is the seven gems Stupa becomes a mud mound now?”

The Buddha told Varjrapania: “ This is not a mound. It is a wonderful great Stupa. It does not appear because the mass’s bad kharma. The Stupa was hidden but the whole bodies of Buddhas are not destructive. How can the varjra bodies of Buddhas be destroyed!

When I enter nirvana, in the age of decadence and compelling. If anybody who do illegal deeds, They should be punished to the Hell. They do not believe the Triple Gems. They do not plant any good roots. Buddhism will be hidden because of this reason. But this strong and durable Stupa would not be destroyed because of blessing from all Buddhas’ spiritual power. The living beings without wisdom are covered by kharma. They spoil the gems and do not know to use it. Today I weep because of this reason. All Buddhas weep also.

Moreover, The Buddha told Varjrapania: “If anybody writes this Sutra and put it into a Stupa. It will be a Stupa of all Buddhas’ Varjra Store. It is also a Stupa of all Buddhas’ Dharani Heart Secrete Blessing. It is a Stupa of ninety nine hundred thousand kotis Buddhas. It is also a Stupa of all Buddhas’ tops and eyes. It will be protected by all Buddhas’ spiritual power. If anybody put this Sutra into a Stupa or a Buddha statue, This Statue will be made by seven gems. It will be very efficacious and will fulfill all wishes. The umbrellas, covers, nets, wheels, plates, bells, bases and steps will be made by power. The material from mud, wood, stone or brick will become seven gems because of the power of this sutra.

All Buddhas will add their powerful force and continuousely bless this Sutra by honest speech.

If any sentient being prostrates himself before and offers an incense and a flower to this Stupa. Serious sin of eight billion kalpas of this sentient being will be deleted. His disaster will be avoided when he is alive. He will reborn in a Buddhist family after he dies. If anybody should be punished to Abi Hell, when he prostrates himself before this Stupa one time or walks around this Stupa one time clockwise. The door of the Hell would be closed and the road of Bhodi will be opened.

All Buddhas will bless by spiritual power to any place where the Stupa or the image locates. No tornado, thunderstorm, lightning will do harm. No poisonous snake, poisonous worm and poisonous beast may hurt. No lion, mad elephant, tiger, wolf, wild bees may hurt. No panic from Yaocha, Luocha, Buduo, Nakunshe, Zheli demons, monsters, epilepsy. No sick from cold or hot, lilou, tanzhu, sore and scabies.

Anybody will avoid all disasters if he just has a look at this Stupa.

No plague will hapen from human, horses, animals, boys and girls. He will not suffer from unnatural death. He will not be wounded by knife, water and fire. He will not be invaded by robbers, thieves or enemies. He will not suffer from

hunger and poor. No incantation from ghosts and monsters may do harm.

The Four Heavenly Kings and their relatives will protect him day and night. Great Yaocha Generals from the Twenty Eight Departments, and the sun, moon, five stars banners cloud and comets will protect him day and night. All the Dragon Kings will reinforce their air to create rain on time. All the Heavenly beings, Trayastrimsha Heaven will come down three times for offering.

All Celestial beings come three times for praising, surrounding and salute to this place. Sakya King and all Heavenly girls come down to do offering three times day and night. This place is blessed by all Buddhas. This Stupa is like that because the Sutra is inside.

If anybody establishes a Stupa with mud, stone, wood, gold, silver, cupper and lead, and he writes this spiritual Dharani and put it inside. The Stupa become seven gems as soon as the Dharani is put. The steps, plates, umbrellas, covers, bells and wheels become all seven gems. The Buddha forms around the four sides of this Stupa stay and protect day and night because of the Dharma.

The seven gems Stupa with whole bodies relics wonderful precious store grows by the power of this Dharani to Ajianiza Heaven. All Heavenly beings pay respects to, protect, pay offering to this Stupa day and night when it rises to the Heaven.

Varjrapani asked: “Why is this dharma so wonderfully virtuous?” The Buddha said:” Because of the spiritual power of this Casket Seal Dharani.”

Varjrapani said:” We wish The Buddha take pity on us and speak this Dharani.”

The Buddha said:” Listen and think, do not forget. The bright appearance of branch bodies of all Buddhas of the present and the future. The whole body relics of all Buddhas in the past are in this Casket Seal Dharani. All the Buddhas’ three bodies are also inside.” Then The Buddha spoke the Dharani:

Namad sedeliya divi kanam,

sava tathagatanam,

Om bhuvibha vadhavari,

vachari vachatai,

suru suru dhara dhara,

sarva tathagata dhatudhari,

padmabhavati jayavari

mudri smara.

Tathagata dharma chakra, pravartana vajri bodhi pana,

Rumkara rumkriti,

Sava tathagata dhistite,

Bodhaya bodhaya bodhi bodhi,

Buddhya buddhya,

Samboddhani samboddhaya,

Chala chala chalamtu,

Sarva varanani,

Sarva papavigate,

Huru huru sarva sukhavigati,

Sarva tathagata haridaya vajrani,

Sambhara sambhara,

Sarva tathagata suhaya

dharani mudri,

Buddhi subuddhi,

Sarva tathagata dhistita,

dhatu garbhe svaha

samaya dhistite svaha,

sarva tathagata haridaya,

dhatu mudri svaha,

supra tisthita stubhe

tathagata dhistite,

huru huru hum hum svaha,

Om sarva tathagata usnisa,

Dhatu mudrani,

Sarva tathagatam

sadha tuvibhusita,

Dhistite hum hum svaha.

When The Buddha finished speaking this Dharani, All Buddhas spoke from the mound to praise:”Good indeed, good indeed, Shakyamuni, you come to this turbid world and speak this profound Dharma for the benefit of those living beings who have nobody to rely on. This important Dharma will stay for the benefit, serene and happiness of the world for a long time.”

At that time, The Buddha told Varjrapani: “ Listen, listen, this important Dharma has immeasurable spiritual power and uncountable benefit. It is like the precious gratified pearls on the banner. It spread gems to fulfil all wishes.

I just tell you one ten thousandth of this dharma. You should remember for the benefit for all.

If any bad person felt into the Hell. He suffered seriously and did not know when he could be

relieved. If his son or grandson calls the dead person’s name and read this Dharani for seven times. The melting copper and hot iron becomes suddenly a pond with eight virtual water.

A lotus flower carries him with a precious cover upon his head. The door of Hell will be broken and the road of Bodhi opens. The lotus flower flies to the World of Ultimate Bliss. All the wisdom appears naturally. He is happy to speak and stay at a position of supplement of a Buddha.

If any person suffers many diseases and is suffering acute pain because of his cause of serious sin. If he reads this spiritual Dharani for twenty one times. All the diseases and worries will disappear. He will enjoy uncountable blessings and long life.

If any body lives in a poor family because he was miserly, his clothes can not cover his body. His food can not keep him survival. He appears to be very week and thin, people don’t like to see him. This person feels ashamed. He goes to a mountain taking some wild flowers. He grinds some wood to make incense. He goes to the front of this Stupa to prostrate and make offerings. He walks around the Stupa seven times clockwise. He weeps and repents. The poor effect is deleted and wealth comes suddenly. Seven gems come like raining. Nothing is in shortage. But at this time he should offer to The Buddha and The Dharma; and donate to the poor. If he is miserly, the wealth will disappear suddenly.

If anybody establishes a Stupa with a height of four fingers for planting good roots. He uses mud or bricks according to his ability. He writes this spiritual Dharani and puts it into this Stupa. He prostrates himself before this Stupa with fragrant flowers. Frangrant cloud comes out from the small Stupa because of the power of the Dharani and his faith. The fragrance and cloudy light spread all over the Dharma Realm. This fragrance and brightness will do Buddhist deeds. The merit and virtual are as the same as abovementioned. That is to say no any wishes are not satisfying.

In the age of decadence, if noble men and noble women of the four families of believers, strive to build this Stupas and settle the miraculous Dharani in it, the resulting virtue and merits will be immeasurable.

If some one who comes to the Stupa begging for blessing, he offers a flower or an incense, prostrates himself before and makes offerings to the Stupa, and circumanbulates the Stupa clockwise. Because of such merits, the person will automatically gain happiness, high position and fame without striving; obtain longevity and richness without asking; defeat enemies and thieves without fighting; diminish hatreds and curses without expelling; avoid diseases and plagues without curing: get a noble husband or a lovely wife without searching: bear smart sons and pretty daughters without praying; and all wishes will be fulfilled.

If there are birds, pigeons, dogs, wolves, mosquitoes and ants, coming to the shadow of this Stupa or stepping on the grassland, they will destroy the obstruct and understand from ignorance. They will enter a Buddhist’s home and receive the Dharma wealth.

If any person sees the form of the Stupa, or he hears the sound from the bells, or hears the name of this Stupa, or he is at the shadow of this Stupa. His criminal obstruction will be demolished. His wishes will be fulfilled. He will enjoy a serene life and will reborn in the World of Ultimate Bliss after he dies. If anybody uses a little mud to repair the spoiled wall of the Stupa, or uses a small stone to

Prop up the leaning Stupa. His blessing and lifespan will be raised. He will become a Wheel Turning King after this life.

After my nirvana, if anybody in the four families of my believers offers incense and flowers, sincerely vows to read this Dharani in front of the Stupa aiming to relieve the suffering of those in evil patterns, every sentence will eliminate great light to shine the three evil patterns. All

Suffering will be gone. The living beings will be relieved from pain and the seed of Buddha will sprout. They will reborn in any pure lands as they wish

If anybody standing on a mount and read this Dharani sincerely. All living beings with hair, feather, scales and shells that are staying in the mountains, forest, rivers and seas within the sight of this man, will break the obstruction and understand from the ignorance. The original three natures of the Buddha will appear. They will stay in the serene place of great nirvana. If anybody walks with this person on the same road. Or anybody touches his clothes or steping on the footprint of this person. Or anybody meets him and has a talk with this person. The serious sin of this person will be demolished and he will fulfill a success.

At that time, The Buddha told

Varjrapania: " Now I enjoin this secret mysterious Dhrani Sutra to you. You should pay respect and protect it. Let this Dhrani Sutra be spread all over the world. Don't let

the living beings stop learning it.

Varjrapania said: " Now I am so lucky to be enjoined by The Hounable One. We wish to protect and spread this Sutra day and night to the world for paying a debt of gratitude to The Buddha.

If anybody writes ,up holds and remind continuously this Sutra. We will urge the Shakra Emperor and the four Kings of the Heaven, all Dragons and the Eight Departments on the Heaven to protect this person day and night and do not leave him.

The Buddha said: " Good indeed, Varjrapania. You protect this Dharma and do not let it stop for the great benefit of all living beings in the future.

At that time, The Hounable One

spoke The Casket Seal Dharani and spread the Buddhis deeds. After that they went to the Bhraman's home and accepted offerings. They made great benefits to all Heavenly beings and Human beings and returned to their residence.

At that time, all the Bhishus, Bhishunis, laymen, laywomen, Heavenly Dragons, Yechas, Jiandapoes,Axiuluoes, Jialouluoes,

Jinaluoes, Mohouluoqies, Human beings and Non-human beings were all happy. They believed, accepted, up held and practised this Dharma.