Quotations from the Shurangama Sutra on Meat-Eating and Vegetarianism

38 "Purna, thought and love become bound together so that people love each other and cannot bear to be apart. As a
result, ceaseless successive births of parents, children, and grandchildren occur in this world. And the basis for all that is desire and greed.
38-39 "Greed and emotional love feed on one another until the greed becomes insatiable. The result of that in this world is the tendency of egg-born, womb-born, moisture-born, and transformation-born beings to devour one another to the extent
that their strength permits. The basis for all that is killing and greed.
40 "Suppose a person eats a sheep. The sheep dies and becomes a person; the person dies and becomes a sheep, The
same applies in all rebirths among the ten categories. Through death after death and birth after birth, they eat each other. The evil karma one is born with continues to the bounds of the future. The basis for all that is stealing and greed.
42 "'You owe me a life; I must repay my debt to you.' Due to such causes and conditions we pass through hundreds of thousands of eons in sustained cycle of birth and death.
20 "After my cessation, in the Dharma-ending Age, these hordes of ghosts and spirits will abound, spreading like
wildfire as they argue that eating meat will bring one to the Bodhi Way.
20-21 "Ananda, I permit the Bhikshus to eat five kinds of pure meat. This meat is actually a transformation brought into being by my spiritual powers. It basically has no life-force. Those of you Brahmans who live in a climate so hot and humid, and on such sandy and rocky land, that vegetables will not grow; therefore, I have had to assist you with spiritual powers and compassion. Because of this magnanimous kindness and compassion, this so-called meat suits your taste. After my extinction, how can those who eat the flesh of beings be called the disciples of Shakya?
22 "You should know that these people who eat meat may gain some awareness and may seem to be in samadhi, but they are all great rakshasas. When their retribution ends, they are bound to sink into the bitter sea of birth and death. They are not disciples of the Buddha. Such people as these kill and eat one another in a never-ending cycle. How can such people transcend the Triple Realm?
23 "When you teach people of the world to cultivate samadhi, they must also cut off killing. This is the second clear and instruction on purity given by the Thus Come Ones, the Buddhas of the Past, World Honored Ones.