And Buddha said: "The Bodhisattva should at all times delight in preaching the Law in a tranquil manner. On pure clean ground he should spread his sitting mat, anoint his body with oil, wash away dust and impurities, put on a new clean robe and make himself both inwardly and outwardly pure. Seating himself comfortably in the Dharma seat, he should preach the Law in accordance with questions. If there are monks or nuns, men lay believers, women lay believers, rulers and princes, officials, gentlemen and common people, with a mild expression he should preach for them the subtle and wonderful doctrines. If there are difficult questions, he should answer them in accordance with the doctrines, employing causes and conditions, similes and parables to expound and make distinctions, and through these expedient means cause all listeners to aspire to Enlightenment, to increase their benefits little by little and enter the Buddha way. He should put aside all idea of laziness, all thought of negligence or ease, remove himself from cares and worries and with a compassionate mind preach the Law. Day and night, constantly he should expound the teachings of the unsurpassed way, employing causes and conditions, immeasurable similes and parables to instruct living beings and cause them all to be joyful. Clothing and bedding, food, drink, medicinewith regard to such things he should have no expectations but with a single mind concentrate upon the reasons for preaching the Law, desiring to complete the Buddha way and to cause those in the assembly to do likewise. That will bring great gain to them, an offering of peace. After I have passed into extinction, if there are monks who are able to expound this Lotus Sutra of the Wonderful Law, their minds will be free of jealousy and anger, of all worry and hindrance. No one will trouble them, curse or revile them. They will know no fear, no attacks by sword or staff, nor will they ever be banished, because they abide in patience. Wise persons will be good at cultivating their minds like this and be able to abide in peace as I have described above. The blessings of such persons are beyond calculation, simile or parable; thousands, ten thousands, mil- lions of kalpas (extremely long period of time) would not suffice to describe them. Ajita (disciple), you should understand this. These great Bodhisattvas for countless kalpas have practiced the Buddha wisdom. All have been converted by me; I caused them to set their minds on the great way. These are my sons, they dwell in this world, constantly carrying out dhuta (a discipline or ascetic practice carried out in order to purify the body and mind and free one from the desire for food, clothing and shelter) practices, preferring a quiet place, rejecting the fret and confusion of the great assembly, taking no delight in much talk. In this manner these sons study and practice my way and Law. And in order that day and night with constant diligence they may seek the Buddha way, in this saha world (our present world, which is full of sufferings to be endured) they dwell in the empty space in its lower part. Firm in the power of will and concentration, with constant diligence seeking wisdom, they expound various wonderful doctrines and their minds are without fear. When I was in the city of Gaya, seated beneath the bodhi tree, I attained the highest, the correct Enlightenment and turned the wheel of the unsurpassed Law. Thereafter, I taught and converted them, caused them for the first time to set their minds on the way. Now all of them dwell in the stage of no regression, and all in time will be able to become Buddhas. What I speak now are true words with a single mind you must believe them! Ever since the long distant past I have been teaching and converting this multitude." Lotus Sutra