Dedication prayers

May that person also take ordination from a very young age and be perfectly guided by Mahayana spiritual masters and their mental continuum be perfectly conjoined with (train perfectly in) the three principal aspects of the path.
By attaining the realizations of the generation and completion stages may that person attain the pure illusory body and the pure mind of the meaning clear light.
May that person attain the union state of the seven kisses [embraces] within the short life span of this degenerate age or be reborn in a pure land by attaining a very special form of rebirth having all the conditions to practice tantra and may that person attain enlightenment quickly.
May all beings who hear, see, touch or talk about these mantras be freed immediately from all types of obstacles and problems caused by harmful spirits.
Through the power of engaging in the extensive bodhisattva practices and by possessing the practice of pure morality, may I meet with the doctrine of the glorious Lama Tsong Khapa by the power of the two stages of the yoga of bliss and emptiness.
These mantras can also be used for prayer flags and in stupas. If the mantras are written on a cloth and placed on a mountain top, roof or hung where the wind can blow it, whoever is touched by the wind receives blessings and their karma is purified.

Recommendations and Dedications by Ven. Lama Zopa Rinpoche.