5 FEB 2005


Closely related to rheumatism, gout is the
inflammation of bones and ligaments in joints, owing
to formation of acid crystal; this is caused mainly by
diets that contain too much fatty meat, salt and
alcohol, and insufficient quantities of raw, enzyme-
active foods

Carrot, beet, cucumber juice: the potent alkalizing
properties of this blend help rebalance pH in blood
and tissues and dissolve acid crystals in joints;
10oz/3oz/3oz, 1-2 pints daily.

Parsley juice: raw parsley facilitates oxygen
metabolism and stimulates adrenal secretions; both
actions relieve the discomfort of gout and help
correct the excess acidity of blood and tissues which
causes it;
mix 4oz parsley juice with 12oz carrot juice, 1 pint

Celery juice: rich in organic sodium, iron, calcium
and magnesium, it corrects blood acidosis, dissolves
deposits of inorganic calcium in joints, and provides
the organic calcium required for repair of damaged
ligaments and bones; mix half/half with carrot juice,
1-2 pints daily.

Other beneficial foods: cabbage; fresh citrus juices
(no sugar); raw black cherries (exclusively for 24
hours); raw black grapes (exclusively for 1-3 days),
alfalfa tea or sprouts.