Asian Age [Wednesday, January 04, 2006 01:49]

Amaravati, January 3 - The Kalachakra-2006, true to
the concept of Ahimsa Paramodharmaha, as taught by
Lord Buddha is going to be strictly vegetarian this
time. For the first time in Kalachakra, only
vegetarian food will be served to the Buddhist monks,
tourists, in the restaurants set up by the organisers,
Tibetans and local hotels.

The Norbulingka Institute has requested the local
hoteliers not to serve non-vegetarian food during the
Kalachakra as the Tibetan way of life prohibits the
killing of any sentient beings. "In earlier
Kalachakras, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food
was permitted, but this time it is restricted as it
will not the serve the very purpose of the prayers for
world peace.

Only vegetarian restaurants are set up, that serve
rotis, puris, Alu, Dal, South Indian and North Indian
Thalis and our staple food Thuppa.

Our efforts to spread the message of vegetarianism has
worked out, people really seem to have no qualms
accepting the vegetarian food," member of Tibetan
Volunteers for Animals, Mr Sonam Tsering, told this
newspaper. The Buddhist monks too are allowed to eat
non-veg dishes, but confining to few dharmas laid down
by Buddhism.

"We avoid eating non-veg, if the animal is slaughtered
in front of our eyes, if the dish is prepared
exclusively to satisfy our hunger. We never enter in
to a slaughter to buy meat, but can ask someone else
to bring it for us. Mutton and sea food are normal
non-veg items that form our menu," says Chime Dorje, a
Buddhist monk. Pamphlets, posters, banners and other
material with the picture of Dalai Lama teaching the
need of veg-food are being distributed.

"There are few customers asking for meat, but it is
not made available in the hotels of Amaravati, as
requested by the organisers," said A. N. Rao, the
owner of Sri Vasavi Hotel.