And the Buddha said, "Be your own island, Ananda (favorite disciple), be your own refuge! Do not take any other refuge! Let the Teaching be your island, let the Teaching be your refuge; do not take any other refuge! And how, Ananda, does a monk take himself as an island, himself as refuge, is without any other refuge? How is the Teaching his island and refuge, and nothing else? Herein a monk dwells practicing body-contemplation on the body....feeling-contemplation on feelings.... mind-contemplation on the mind.... mind-object contemplation on mind-objects, ardent, clearly comprehending and mindful, having overcome covetousness and grief concerning the world. In that way, Ananda, will a monk be his own island and refuge, without any other; in that way will he have the Teaching as his island and refuge, and nothing else. And all those, Ananda, who either now or after my death, will dwell being their own island, their own refuge, without any other; having the Teaching as island and refuge, and nothing else--- it is they among my monks who will reach the utmost height if they are willing to train themselves.