Dear Friends:
Here is the meditation on the Buddha Loving Eyes, the Bodhisattva of compassion. Please do this prayer for peace in the World.
We feel the formless stream of air at the tips of our noses and let thoughts and feelings pass without evaluation. Then we focus on the four basic thoughts which turn mind towards liberation and enlightenment:
We recognize our precious opportunity in this life, that we can benefit countless beings through the methods of the Buddha. Few ever meet beyond-dualistic teachings and even fewer are able to use them.
We remember the impermanence of everything composite. Only the unlimited clear space of mind is lasting and nobody knows how long conditions will remain for recognizing that.
We understand causality. That it is up to us what will come. Former thoughts, words and actions becarne our present state and right now we are sowing the seeds for our future.
Finally we see the reasons for working with niind: enlightenment is timeless highest bliss and we cannot benefit others while confused and suffering ourselves.
Not experiencing the world the way we wish, we now open up to those who have that power. For the good of all beings we take refuge in our goal, Buddha, the full development of mind; in the teachings which bring us there; in our friends and helpers on the way; and especially in the Lama, our teacher. In the Karma Kagyu Lineage he always represents the Karmapa, now Thaye Doije. Uniting blessing, methods and protection, he is needed for our fast develop-ment.
Above our heads and the heads of all beings, the natural purity of mind expresses itself as fully opened lotus flowers, transpar-ent and slightly rainbow colored. Inside them, the basic intelligence of all beings manifests as radiant moon-discs, lying down. Standing on their centers, enlightened love now condenses into white HRIH sylla-bles. From these, clear rainbow lights shine out to the Buddhas filling all directions of space. At the same time, they stream out to unenlightened beings everywhere and dissolve all their suffering. Charged with the blessing of all Buddhas and the new happiness of beings, the rain-bow-lights now flow back into the HRIH syllables above our heads. In one moment, they all become forms of Loving Eyes. In full lotus-posture, radiant and transparent, these shapes of light now sit above all beings, their backs supported by another moon-disc. They smile mildly and all wear the perfect Bodhisattva-omaments. In addi-tion, their outer right hands hold a crystal mala which lifts all beings from the condi-tioned world. The two middle hands hold the jewel of enlightenment to his heart and the left outer hands hold lotus flowers which show his basic purity. The antelope skin over his shoulder signifies that he possesses the kindness of this animal, that he will never harm anybody. The five colored cloth around his hip represents all levels of initia-tion and his full meditation posture is a sign that he works between confusion and libera-tion to benefit beings.
Above the heads of each form of Loving Eyes is seated the red Buddha of Limitless Light (Opagme, Amitabha). Both look with compassion on all beings, expressmg the non-disciminating love of all Buddhas. Doing the classical invocation to awaken his power, we say, "You noble one with the faultless white body, the perfect Buddha is sitting over your head. With the eyes of com-passion you see all beings; Loving Eyes give us your hand."
Now his light-forms melt into all beings and ourselves and, in a moment, we all become Loving Eyes. The world is his pure land, radiant with meaning; every sound is the vibration of his mantra and every thought is highest wisdom, simply because it appears. On the heart-level in the middle of every transparent light-body lies a flat moon-disc and standing on its center is the Tibetan letter HRIH written from the top and down.
While all beings and we repeat the mantra OM MANI PEME HUNG, for as long as we want, bright rainbow-light shines from the letters in the hearts of all beings and fills space.

(repeat the mantra as long as you wish)
When the mantra stops, the pure lands everywhere shine into the forms of Loving Eyes. Then these become light. From all directions, it radiates into our four-armed transparent body which disappears. It dis-solves the moon-disc at heart level. Now from the bottom and up, the HRIH letter returns to space until only one point is left. Nothing remains of the conditioned world. In a flash, also this becomes space and there is only awareness without center or end. We stay as clearly as possible in its original state. Then, like a fish jumping from the water, again a pure world appears. All beings and ourselves are Loving Eyes; all sounds are his mantra and all thoughts highest wisdom.
We decide to keep this pure view in all situations in life and now wish that all the good which happened here may become lim-itless, that it may stream out to all beings and bring them to highest joy, to the recognition of their minds.