Nobody Told Me Anything
(as told by Master Sheng-Yen)

A disciple asked his Dharma Master: "How can I calm my mind?"
The master said, "I am too busy to talk to you right now. Why not consult your First Dharma Brother?"
He did as he was told and asked the same question.
The First Dharma Brother said, "I have a headache. I can't talk now. Why not talk to Second Dharma Brother?"
But the Second Dharma Brother said, "I have a stomach ache, why don't you just go and talk to our Dharma Master?"
So he went back to his master and complained, "Nobody told me anything. Nobody gave me any answers."
But the master said to him reprovingly, "You really are a stupid fool. Everybody has been giving you the answer."
Because of this, the disciple reached enlightenment.