The Natural Way
By David Klein and Roe Gallo, M.A.

Do you ever stop to think that your body is a masterpiece, the product of billions of years of evolution? And that you are of the most elegant and highly evolved species on this planet Earth, with the intellectual capability to control virtually every aspect of your life? And that your environment, your lifestyle, your diet, and even your thoughts affect your well-being every day, and even affect your genetics?
By living healthfully you can take responsibility for improving your entire being which can actually improve your genetics in a process of evolution. Or, by living unhealthfully you will likely incur weakened and even deranged genes, in a sad process of de-evolution, culminating in failing vitality, illness and early death. You can grab that ripe pear, or go for the curried tofu, or the burger - which do you choose?
Indeed, we each have choices to make. We all really desire to make choices which will give us the highest quality life. Who would not choose to live in excellent health, joyful and illness-free, where we are each our own self-healthcare guide, free of the unatural specter of relying on doctors, taking drug treatments, staying in hospitals and submitting to surgeries? This can be the normal way of life. But, how can we achieve this? Is everlasting excellent health really possible in this unnatural modern world?
Yes! We say, yes!
Welcome to Living Nutrition, a newsletter dedicated to help health seekers with their quest to succeed in realizing the everlasting health and superior longevity we all deserve. This is a "how to" periodical, the first of its kind with the progress of the reader in mind. We are educators. We will provide information and services to teach the natural way to eat and achieve excellent health in this stressful modern world.
Examples of people living in excellent health are not very common in our society today. It is most ironic that while we have the highest economic standard of living in the world, with access to high quality foods and living conditions and accurate health information, we are a society of predominantly chronically sick people. Our hospitals are always full of repeatedly sick people! "Oh," some people argue, "but look at how modern medicine has helped us live longer lives - the doctors are keeping us alive much longer than my parents' and grandparents' generation." Yes, lives are being extended, but we need to take a close look at the quality of those lives. Do you know anyone over 50 years of age who does not regularly feel poor, does not have several health problems, and who does not have a medicine chest full of pills, and who does not pay hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars each year in medical bills and insurance premiums, and who is not having regular checkups to detect heart disease or cancer as soon as it might start? That is the picture of how most people take care of themselves in our society: detect the "disease" early and get the best medical treatment available, all the while accepting failing physical capabilities and mental faculties as normal signs of aging. Meanwhile, most of the "natural health" enthusiasts are usually not much better off, as they endlessly go from herb to vitamin pill to acupuncture treatment to homeopathic remedy, in search of the "natural cure."
Does this picture of humanity make you wonder if something is wrong? Something is wrong! Humanity has grossly departed from its biological heritage, and is not living in accordance with the natural order of life. And the biggest departure is the diet humans eat.
Each day, most people eat over 100 different items and ingredients which they consider to be foods but are mostly not true foods. Most of what people eat is outside of the natural human dietary and has been rendered toxic by the heat of cooking. People mostly eat in ways which are destructive to their health, and they are unaware of it! Because the natural way to eat is virtually not taught any-where, we have made nutrition the focus of this newsletter.
Then what is the natural way to eat and be healthy? The answer is found when we study our physiology, tune into our own bodies, and learn from others who have succeeded in living a natural lifestyle, as we begin a process of exploring new more natural ways of eating and taking care of ourselves - we are talking about a new education and new choices in living.
Our physiology clearly indicates that we are fruit eaters, the descendants of fruit-eating primates. Strong scientific evidence shows that our natural diet is comprised of fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables grown in well-mineralized soil. This is the optimal way for us modern humans to eat; this diet provides the body with all the nutrients it needs to achieve peak health, supports superior fitness and longevity, and is the most naturally appealing way to eat.
Those are the facts about how your body, your masterpiece of evolution, was designed to be nourished. Are you intrigued about how you can practically apply this information in your life? Perhaps you are unsure about the validity of our assertions, or skeptical that this natural diet is right for you. Our goals are 1) to provide you with the basis for the facts (physiological evidence, clinical findings, and living testimonials) so that you can make intelligent choices on your journey toward realizing the high-quality life you desire, and 2) to teach you how to make a comfortransition toward eating the natural way. Please join us!