Why do we strive to be more egoless than we are?

I submit that it's we ourselves who create these problems by dividing the world into "realized" and "unrealized," "ego's" and "egoless". Why do we search for egoless people? What do we hope to gain? Is not our search driven by ego, are not our evaluations of "others' realizations" largely evidence of our own ego, that is, our attachment to a process invested in an outcome and dependent on identification with a "seeking entity"?

Why do we strive to be more egoless than we are? Are we not simply deceiving ourselves in the process of our own "search"? Why do we project onto "others" our desires for an "egoless state"? Do we not construct a split awareness in the process of trying to find or achieve an egoless state from our present position which we label "ego-centered"?

Unsplit awareness cannot be the product of evaluation and comparison. Once we begin comparing and evaluating the ego-centered and the ego-less, split awareness has occurred.

Why not simply be with ourselves, as we are, without evaluation and splitting of awareness?

Can we not relinquish this entire search, and the need to classify and evaluate "others"?

The air is egoless. Why not simply breathe in the egoless air, that is giving itself for free, and be content? Why not rest in egoless space, provided unselfishly, and rest there? Why not be Original Awareness, the Unknown itself? Then, being fully Unknown, knowing All as All - we won't be deceived, we won't seek, we won't look "outside" for an "egoless realizer".

Why do we believe we need to find an "egoless realizer" in order for all to be right with the universe (which is ultimately an egoless universe)? Why not be freedom rather than seeking to evaluate which people are the truly free ones?

The universe already is egoless. Does it really need an "egoless realizer" to be added to its already "empty" Being? Does "emptiness" identify itself to itself as "emptiness"? That is, does It state to everyone "I am truly egoless, so learn from me?" Or does it simply go its "empty" Way - not drawing attention to itself, freely giving Life to All?