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Chi-Kung and Taoist Meditation for Optimum Health - on Tuesday, January 5th 1999
Through a gentle series of movement coordinated with breathing,one is able to increase vitality into all the internal organs, as well as the structure. Continually done, for even a short while, brings noticeable health benefits that will make it easy to include in your daily regime.
Taoist meditations begin with transforming the negative emotions back into positive life force. Conserving the positive energy helps one to accumulate and radiate more positive energy that benefit ourselves and those around us.
Smiling to our internal organs establishes a communication with our inner self and gives us a sense of wholeness and well-being. This workshop will give valuable techniques for stress reduction, rejeuvenation and well-being.
Detoxification with Wheatgrass - on Friday, January 8th 1999
Wheatgrass has a high content of chlorophyll and is one of the finest blood builders and body rejuvenators. Wheatgrass is one of the richest natural sources of vitamins A & C, and has all known minerals. Because of its high nutritional value it is useful for: all chronic disorders, improves blood sugar problems, helps sores heal faster, washes drug deposits from the body, helps purify the liver, helps fight bacteria, helps counteract toxins which have been ingested and many other benefits for well-being.
It is easy to grow in your own living quarters. The daily use of wheatgrass juice will add quality to your life. Clear step by step directions on the growing and usage of wheatgrass will be dealt with in this workshop.
Preparing yourelf for Pregnancy and Childbirth - on Saturday, January 9th 1999
Despite the fact that medical care is "better than ever before", we are as a race full of more disease and degeneration than ever. Planned pregnancy is the best way to insure that the mother and baby are in optimum health.
When the mother prepares her vessel for conception by cleansing both her body and mind she consciosly raises her vibration to call in an enlightened soul. Once pregnant she nourishes the new soul with a high quality diet as well as with uplifting thoughts of beauty and tranquility to guide both her and baby through an easy pregnancy and birth.
Childbirth preparation gives a woman the necessary tools that she will need during her labor, and for her days as a new mother. The more information that she knows the better she is able to cope with the demands made from her changing body and emotions that come with this new phase of life.

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