Have you ever thought about what you want out of life?

It appears that we live our lives in a circular pattern. We get up in the morning, go to work, work all day long, return home, and go to sleep. The next day, we do that again. The following day we repeat the cycle. For most people, this routine continues their entire lives. They keep living this way without knowing what they really want or need out of life and on what they really spend all their time and energy.
In general, people work in order to satisfy the four basic needs : food, shelter, clothing and medical care. These necessities help relieve the suffering that comes in living. Without food, we suffer from hunger. Without shelter, we are threatened by severe weather. Without clothing, we are unprotected from the elements. Without medical care/medicine, we would suffer from illness or infirmities. The truth is that suffering is a part of life. Human beings have been searching for the path to relieve suffering in order to obtain "happiness".

The Buddha characterizes the forms of basic happiness of common people into four groups:

Happiness from having money/possessions

Happiness from spending money/using possessions

Happiness from being debt-free

Happiness from having an honest and morally sound (valid) career

However, these four kinds of happiness are the basic types of happiness for the common people. They are not true happiness. Additionally, they are not the answer to what we want out of life. True happiness is more spiritually profound than these.

Consequently, most people, for thousands years, have been searching for the answers to the meaning of true happiness and of life… Why are we born? Why are we here? etc.
A lot of people have tried different methods by trial and error to answer these questions and “to get the best out of life”, yet they cannot achieve their aims.

As a matter of fact, the Buddha found, for more than 2,500 years, that everyone would be able to experience true happiness when they attained Dhammakaya. That is, Dhammakaya will surely bring us true happiness as soon as we attain it.

When we attain Dhammakaya Insight, a feeling that we have never before experienced occurs. We feel that we have never been disappointed, that we have never lost anything. When we become one with Dhammakaya, we realize that all living beings and things arise, and all living beings and things exist and go out of extince. This is true for all humans, animals, and things.
For instance, our children are born, they grow up, get married, have their own lives, then pass away. Concerning animals, for instance, suppose get a lovely puppy. It lives with us for a while, and when it is old or gets sick or has an accident, no matter how good it is, it will eventually and certainly die. Using property as an example, suppose we buy a car and drive it. One day the car breaks and needs repair. The same is true of money. In the beginning we don't have money, then we work and obtain money for a while, then we spend the money for our living and our well-being.

When we attain Dhammakaya Insight we will understand that everything in this world faces the same conditions which are (SUFFERING AND IMPERMANENCE). When we are one with Dhammakaya, our minds become pure and clear and we feel only happiness. Dhammakaya is our refuge and this makes our mind joyful with happiness and bright all the time.