Whenever your mind is too high, it is necessary to crush your pride by remember- ing the instructions of the Buddha. Whenever your mind is too low, it needs to have inspiration. Whenever you face objects of desire or hatred, see them as illu- sions and apparitions. Whenever you hear unattractive things, see them as echoes.

Whenever hurt comes to your body, accept it as the result of your karma.
Mind leads phenomena. Mind is the main factor and forerunner of all actions. If one speaks or acts with a cruel mind, misery follows, as the cart follows the horse. Phenomena are led by the mind. Mind is the main factor and forerunner of all actions. If one speaks or acts with a pure mind, happiness follows, as a shadow follows its source.
If we do not feel anxious about problems, our strength of mind can help us to bear even great sufferings easily. We will be able to feel them as being light and insubstantial like cotton. But if we harbor anxiety, it will make even small sufferings intolerable. For example, while we are thinking of the beauty of a girl, even if we try to get rid of desire, we will only be burned. Similarly, if we concentrate on the painful characteristics of suffering, we will not be able to develop tolerance for it.
Whenever problems come to us from beings or inanimate objects, if our mind gets used to perceiving only the suffering or the negative aspects of them, then even from a small negative incident great mental pain will ensue. For it is the nature of indulgence in any concept, whether suffering or happiness, that the experience of this hap- piness or suffering will thereby be intensified. As this negative experience gradually becomes stronger, a time will come when most of what appears before us will become the cause of bringing us unhappiness, and happiness will never have a chance to arise. If we do not realize that the fault lies with our own mind's way of gaining exper- ience, and if we blame all our problems on the external conditions alone, then the ceaseless flame of habitual negative deeds such as hatred and suffering will increase in us. That is called: "All appearances arising in the form of enemies."