The human body as a configuration of energy is made up of seventy-two thousand channels, the currents of energy which travel through them, and the essential drops or units of consciousness and energy conjoined which reside in the channels. By manipulating the essential drops within the channels by way of the currents, we undergo different levels of states of consciousness. The type of consciousness we now have based on our present configuration is one type, dream another, deep sleep another. Fainting, heavy fainting or coma or when breath stops are all others. The final level of consciousness, Clear Light, is made manifest at the time of death. This is the strongest and subtlest. Unused, it serves as the basis for revolving the round of birth, old age, sickness, and death.
All compounded things are subject to disintegration. Since experience and knowledge are
impermanent and subject to disintegration, the mind of which they are functions is not something that remains constant and eternal. From moment to moment, it undergoes change and disintegration.