The wealth of this life is like the honey of bees. Although they collect it, it will be en- joyed by others. The gatherings of relatives and friends are like the meetings of guests, although they are together, they will go their separate ways. Life is imperma- nent like dew on the tips of grass. Although we are here, our disappearance will come soon. The Lord of Death is like spies, day and night seeing an opportunity to get us. The phenomena of this life are like being about to awaken from a dream: they are transitory and momentary, and we will go, leaving them all. The karmas of cause and effect, like our shadow, will always follow us. Therefore, people with wise minds, follow the path of liberation from this very day. If you wish to have all the happiness, renounce all the desires (for happiness). By renouncing all the desires, you will enjoy the supreme happiness. So long as you cling to desired objects, no sat- isfaction will come to you. So whoever, through wisdom, refrains from desire, enjoys satisfaction. So, whoever wants to pacify sufferings, should develop wisdom. When you realize with your wisdom, that all the phenomenal existents are without self, you will not hurt by suffering. This is the perfect path.