All things have mind as their forerunner. If mind is known, all things will be known. Mind whirls around like a swung fire-brand; mind vacillates like a wave; mind burns like a forest fire; mind swells like a mighty flood. If one considers this well, one will live with mindfulness well directed on the mind. One will not succumb to the mind's mastery, but will exercise mastery over the mind. If the mind is mastered, all things are mastered.
Through the loss of clear comprehension and the lack of mindfulness, the mind becomes unsteady, because it allows itself to be diverted from the goal. But if an excessive preoccupation with external activities has been avoided with the help of mindfulness and clear comprehension, then, thanks to them, the mind can steadily keep to a single object as long as it wishes.

How does one guard oneself? By shunning what is base. And how is this achieved? By shunning fruitless waste. And how can this be done? By constant mindfulness, which gains in keenness by devoted zeal. And zeal arises if one comes to know the greatness that in inner stillness lies.
Not far from here you have to seek: sublimest heavens what will they avail?
Here in this present aggregation, in your own body will you find it all.
At the five sense doors spread the net of Mindfulness, so fine and subtle. In it defilements will be caught, and can be killed by insight clear.
Do not hark back to things that passed, and for the future cherish not fond hopes; the past was left behind by thee, the future state has not yet come. But who with vision clear can see the present which is here and now, such wise one should aspire to win what never can be lost nor shaken.