On Healing -

The hand of the deity (source of power) holds a wish-fulfilling treasure vase, emitting clouds of fragrant smoke. It burns all our impurities, defects, and defilements. From the nose of the deity issues wisdom - air, which blows away all our defilements, depression, and cloudiness. From the mouth of the deity comes blessing mist, cloud, and a rain of wisdom nectar, which wash all our sicknesses, demonic effects, defilements, disharmony and dissatisfactions. May all the impurities be burnt by the wisdom fire. May they be blown away by the powerful force of air. May they be purified by the nectar.
We should not only make our mind impervious to misfortune and suffering, but also bring bliss and peace to our mind from the vicissitudes themselves. For this to happen, we should prevent the arising of the antagonists of evil forces and unharmonious words. We should accustom ourselves to generate only the feeling of liking them. To do this, we should cease to view harmful circumstances as negative and should make every effort to train ourselves to view them as valuable. For whether things are pleasing or not, totally depends on how our mind perceives them.
To become invincible in the face of obstacles such as enemies, illness, and harmful forces as the result of spiritual training does not mean that we can drive them away or that they will not recur. Rather, it means that they will not be able to arise as obstacles to the pursuit of the path of happiness and Enlightenment. By practicing this kind of training, our mind will become gentle. Our attitude will become broad. We will become easy to be with. We will have a courageous mind. Our spiritual training will become free from obstacles. All bad circumstances will arise as glorious and auspicious. Our mind will always be satisfied by the joy of peace. To practice the path of Enlightenment in this age of dregs we must never be without the armor of this kind of training that turns happiness and suffering into the path of Enlightenment. When we are not afflicted by the suffering of anxiety, not only will other mental and emotional sufferings disappear, like weapons dropping from the hands of soldiers, but in most cases, even the actual negative forces, such as illnesses themselves, will also automatically disappear. The holy ones of the past, said: "By not feeling any dislike toward or discontent about anything, our mind will remain undisturbed. When our mind is not disturbed, our energy will not get disturbed and thereby other elements of the body will also not be disturbed. Because of this peace and harmony, our mind will not be disturbed, and so the wheel of joy will keep revolving." They also said, "As birds find it easy to injure horses and donkeys with sores on their backs, negative forces will easily find the opportunity to harm those people whose nature is fearful with negative anxieties. But it will be difficult to harm those whose nature is strong with positive attitude."