From whomever one sees as a Buddha. the blessings are received as from a Buddha. From whomever one sees as a fool, the effects come as from a fool.
If you are trained, there is nothing which will not become easy. First by training to tolerate minor problems, later you will become able to tolerate great problems.
When you have realized that there is no experiencer of feelings and there is no feel- ing, how will your craving (which is the result of feeling) not turn away?
Even if you cannot generate compassion toward those who are forced to harm you, because of their emotional afflictions (of ignorance and anger), the last thing you should do it to become angry with them.
By attaining liberation from the habits of the three obscurations - of the body, mind, and objects - they appear as the Buddha-bodies, wisdom, and Buddha-lands.
I beg with folded hands, those who wish to guard their minds: "Please preserve mind- fulness and awareness, even at the cost of your own life."
Again and again, examine every aspect of your mental and physical activities. In brief, that is the very way of observing mindfulness. So, I shall hold and guard my mind properly. Without the discipline of guarding my mind, what is the use of other disciplines? If I were in the midst of an uncontrolled wild crowd, I would be alert and careful of hurting my wounds. Likewise, while I live among undisciplined people, I should guard my mind against hurting its wounds. When you want to move or want to talk, first examine your mind, and then, with firmness, act in the proper way. When you feel desire or hatred in your mind, do not act or speak, but remain like a log.