A nun, who is very old and feeble, wearing the crimson robe emble- matic of Tibetan Buddhists, is assisted to the low platform where The Dalai Lama is sitting cross-legged. Kneeling, head bent, she holds out prayer beads for him to bless. The Dalai Lama blows on the beads (a form of blessing), then pinches her lightly on the cheek and teases her about gaining weight. The nun leans closer and their heads touch. The Dalai Lama takes her hand in his. "They say that at the moment you die, the pain is especially bad," she says. "What shall I do?" "No, no, do not talk like that," says The Dalai Lama, rubbing her palm in a circular motion. "When it comes, keep your mind clear. Keep your mind pure. There will not be any problems at all." "Yes, yes, I understand," she says. "Thank you." "Good, good," he says, still rubbing her hand. "Don't worry. I will pray for you." She presses her forehead to his hand, and then aides carry her away.