Human Animals?
from European Vegetarian, Issue 2/3 - 2000

" Do you not know that the animal is human? God, our Creator has created goats, hens and all the animals. He first created them before creating you. Your brethren are the animals. Any animal is your brother, and you are a brother to the animals. If any cut is inflicted on you, blood will come out. Blood will also come out if a cut is inflicted on a goat or a hen. If you compare, the blood looks alike. You have instincts, and they too have instincts… But since God has given you the power of superintendency over them, you should cater for their welfare. You are not told to kill them. Because of this role, God gave the reasoning faculty which is likeness of God in man. That is the only aspect in which men surpass animals."
Olumba Olumba Obu, head of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, Nigeria, in 'Something More Than Gold'