Herbal tea

A talk given by Leticia Smithapindhu
Herbal tea have been used and revered in the Orient for centuries, to relieve pains, heal wound and maintain health. China is very famous for herbs and now other countries around the world have started to use herbs as an alternative medicines and as a maintenance of good health. Using herb allow them to be closer to nature, as now it has been realized that nature and humans must live side by side in order to survive. Herbal Tea is developed to make using herb easier. This kind of tea is not made from tea leaves as Black tea. Oolong tea or green tea, but it made from herb plants packed like tea bag or sachet. Put it in a cup and pour boiling natural water, the tea is ready to be used as food supplements or as an alternative medicine.
Traditional treatment of herbal teas are not limited only to relieve or cure symptom, but also aimed to restore the body's normal function, so that the body can heal itself. This may take a few months for the effects become apparent.
Different herbs, roots, fruits are blend to create different flavors, they are called herbal infusions. Such as ginger tea, mushroom, chamomile, jasmine, cinnamon, aloe, matuum, etc.
I am a cancer surviver and had a bad experience with radiotherapy, and decide not to receive it again. Since I have taken JIAOGULAN (Gynostema pentaphyllum) fro seven years, I have never been hospitalized and my poor health has been forgotten. This herb has been recognized in China as both cholesterol fighting agent and a strenghtener gor immune system.
Research has shown Jiaogulan to decrease free radicals in immune cells, protected biomenbranes from oxidative injury, and improve functioning of vascular endothelial cells. It has also been suggesting that it may help cancer patients on radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy. Some researcher suggest gypenosides in Jiaogulan may be beneficial for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis and for retardation of the aging process.
All these good properties make me wish to introduce this herb to as many people as I can.
Leticia Smithapindhu
Vice President of the Silver Dove Club
She was born on October 4th , 1936 in the Phillippines and grew up there. She was graduated from Silliman University in 1959 B.A.LLB. She met a Thai gentleman got married and came to Thailand with him. In Chiangmai, she worked for McCaen Hospital and taught in Chiangmai University and Family Planning Programme under IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation, London)
Her husband worked for the United States Information Servoce in Chiang Mai and was killed by the terrorists in 1970. She has then 3 sons. From then on she has taken care of herself and her sons and never remarried.
When she reached the lowest ebb of her life after the cancer therapy, a friend told her about a Chinese doctor just arrived in Thailand from his homeland. She went to see him, and ho told her through an interpreter of a certain ancient Chinese herb that had brought benefit to many of his patients. Her friend had to find this herb in China as none was in Thailand. After she got the herb, Leticia planted and nurtured the herb and finally the tea she made from it. Sharing it with her elderly neighbors and after a week, they can feel a better health. After gathering reports, articles, research, leaflets and any other available information, she submitted and obtained FDA approval.
After seven years of regular drinking, she feel helathy and strong, energetic, once again, able to enjoy life and she is happy to be able to now share this blessing with as many people she can.
Leticia has a big plantation today and also other people who plant her Jiaogulan. She has started to export in different countries. You will believe the miracles this herb does when you see her with your own eyes. She is now 63 and looks like in her mid forties.