Celebrity Buddhist - Harrison Ford

He is one of the most well known outspoken Hollywood celebrity in the Uuited States supporting the plead of Dalai Lama and the survival of Tibetan Buddhism. In addition to providing the main financial support (together with other Hollywood celebrities such as Richard Gere and Sharon Stone) for the Dalai Lama to visit America to give lectures on Buddhism to the American Public, he was also intrumental in making the film "Seven Years in Tibet" although he took no direct role in the movie about the young Dalai Lama.
He was born in Chicago in 1942, of a Jewish Mother and a Irish Father, and educated at Ripon College. His career was jumped started with his role as Han Solo in the "Star Wars" movies made in the 70's. Since then he made a number of movies including Indiana Jones, Air Force One, Presumed Innocent and many others. He is now happily married to the renounced screen writer, Melissa Mathison Ford, also a devoted Buddhist, who wrote the screen plays for Kundun, E.T., the Black Stallion, and Indian in the Cupboard .
Reference: Biolography from A & E Channel.