This means that the fish we set free are representative and these fish are not only together with all the fish of the same species, but also all creatures in the oceans and all animals; not only all animals, but all sentient beings, not only all sentient beings but also all those that have no sense, even stones, these all together we set free to return to the Dharmakaya.
Through such Tantric practices, the first two paths can be easily completed! The next question is how to shorten the second Kalpa? This occurs when the Guru gives you the initiation and points out the Sunyata and makes you really see the Sunyata immediately. This is not just talk but really happens when one gets the initiation from a Guru. The practitioner can immediately get the first Bhumi at that very moment. Upon which if again one practices the Mahamudra through some months or years, one may get the seven Bhumis. The sage Biwapa got initiation from Damama and he immediately attained the sixth Bhumi. So this Kalpa is also very easy to shorten, but this cannot be done through talk but the Guru must really have power. If the Guru is a real Guru, and the student is a real student, then this does not become just talk. This is indeed possible as can be seen from the many good examples in history. You yourself may not be able to achieve it, but it has already been attained by others so you cannot say there is nothing to this concept; this is not a lie. The second Kalpa is so gentle because the initiation into the Sunyata which the Guru will give happens in the very moment of the initiation. This is the way to jump over the second Kalpa.
The third Kalpa encompasses the stages from the eighth bhumi to Buddhahood. The Great Perfection of the Nyingmapa can immediately give you the power of the Non-Practice Path. If you can accept it, you immediately can attain the highest stage within that very moment. They emphasize that the perfect view is without practice, without stages, there is no real bondage, hence no need of liberation. So why cannot a person achieve Buddhahood in one lifetime? This is how to shorten the practice. The first Kalpa is shortened by many kinds of good mystic visualizations. The second Kalpa is shortened by the Sunyata power, and the third Kalpa is shortened by the Great Perfection of what the Nyingmapa call Tzobachenpo.
In the Tantric Dharma the Guru must be visualized as Buddha himself and he makes his students also as Buddha. He is able to bring the Buddha himself into your body, your body also meets him and becomes Buddha, your mind becomes Buddha, your speech becomes Buddha, all very quickly. This can indeed be attained, but actually it is not so easy even in one whole lifetime. I have practiced much, but I cannot say I am Buddha. But the theory, the possibility is real and is there. I'm sorry, I'm not a good example of a Tantric Practitioner. Thank You.