The Perfection of Giving in the Dharma Body

From Nagarjuna's Treatise on the Great Perfection of Wisdom
(Dharmamitra Translation)

How does the Dharma body bodhisattva cultivate to fulfillment dana paramita? In his very last fleshly body the bodhisattva achieves the patience resulting from seeing dharmas as unproduced. He relinquishes the fleshly body and gains the Dharma body. In the six paths and throughout the ten directions he transformationally creates bodies in response to what is appropriate, and thereby goes about transforming beings. He provides all sorts of precious jewels, clothing, drink and food as gifts to everyone and additionally gives exhaustively of everything he personally or objectively possesses including his head, his eyes, his marrow, his brain, his country, wealth, wives and sons.


Additionally, the Dharma-body bodhisattva, in a single moment, can transformationally produce countless bodies with which he makes offerings to the buddhas of the ten directions. He is able in a single moment to transformationally create an immeasurable number of valuable jewels with which he supplies in abundance to beings. He is able in a single moment, in accordance with all of the different superior, middling and inferior voices, to universally speak Dharma for them. And so forth until we come to [being able also] to sit beneath the Buddha's tree. All sorts of examples such as these constitute what is meant by the Dharma-body bodhisattva's fulfillment of the practice of dana paramita.