The Giving of King Sarvada

From Nagarjuna's Treatise on the Great Perfection of Wisdom
(Dharmamitra Translation)

This is also exemplified by King Sarvada (In the language of Ch'in, this means "giving everything.") who was vanquished by an enemy country and who then fled and hid in the furthest reaches of the forests. He encountered a brahman from a faraway country who sought to receive alms from him. As for himself, his country had been crushed, his family had been wiped out and he had been forced to flee alone and go into hiding. Because he felt pity for [the brahman's] hardship in having come from afar and yet having gotten nothing, he said to the brahman, "I am King Sarvada. The new king has sent men out who are trying very hard to find me." He then immediately tied himself up and gave himself to [the brahman] who then gave him over to the new king and received great wealth and valuables [in reward].