The Law of Karma states that good ones go to heaven and evil ones go to hell, but sometimes things got mixed up, and an engineer end up in Hell after his death.

King Yama (the Lord of Hell in Buddhism) looked at his record of Karma and said, "You should not be in here. You should go to heaven to enjoy life. However, we in Hell are undergoing a major renovation project, to install a central air conditioning system for everybody. Are you interested in submitting a bid?"

The engineer thought, "I have the right to go to Heaven. But, what the hell, I don't want to lost a business opportunity here." So he submitted a bid to King Yama and got the job.

The work proceeds well and besides installing a central air conditioning system, the engineer also put in a large swimming pool and construct a beautiful park. Life in Hell had became very comfortable.

One day, King Yama met King Sakra, (the Heavenly Emperor) at a Buddhist Temple. "How is life in Hell?" asked Emperor Sakra.

"Very good," replied King Yama, "we hired an engineer who preferred to stay with me rather than going to you, and he had installed things like air conditioners to make life comfortable."

Upon hearing this, Emperor Sakra got furious, "You are breaking the Law of Karma. I demand that you send the engineer back to heaven immediately, otherwise I will take legal action against you."

"Take legal action?" King Yama smiled, "where can you got a lawyer?"