(1) Those who have read The Glass Bead Game by Hermann Hesse may be intrigued by the similarity to what is being discussed here.

(2) The Ulukha-mukha Upadesha Dakini Sutra or Heart Essence Sky-dancer Sutra of the Owl-faced Protector, is henceforth referred to as the Ulukha-mukha Sutra. In Tibetan this text is entitled Ug-dong Nying-thig Khandro Do (ug gDong sNying thig mKha' 'Gro mDo ).

(3) The four philosophical extremes are: monism, dualism, nihilism, & eternalism see Wearing the Body of Visions by Ngak'chang Rinpoche.

(4) Ngak'chang Rinpoche & Khandro Déchen use the word 'congruent' rather than 'right', in the sense that what is being described is congruent with the realised state. This way of discussing the Eightfold Path stems from the Ulukha-mukha Upadesha Dakini Sutra.

(5) As in the Sutric path of renunciation and the development of bodhicitta

(6) The Aro gTér speaks mainly of the three vehicles: Sutra, Tantra, & Dzogchen. This perspective on the vehicles is one which is common to the Dzogchen teachings in which the Aro gTér is based.

(7) Kriya Tantra, Upa or Carya Tantra, & Yoga Tantra are the three Outer Tantras. Mahayoga Tantra, Anuyoga Tantra, & Atiyoga are the three Inner Tantras.

(8) Renunciation here refers to renunciation of referentiality in terms of attempting to validate one's existence as: solid, permanent, separate, continuous
& defined.


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Certainty , Confidence , and Kindness Mind were limited-edition booklets which are no longer available. Their contents will reappear in enlarged & revised form as part of a book on the Ulukha-mukha Upadesha Dakini Sutra, along with the chapters on the chörten from Rainbow of Liberated Energy . Rainbow of Liberated Energy and Journey into Vastness are out of print. Rainbow of Liberated Energy has been revised and rewritten in an expanded form and published by Aro Books as Spectrum of Ecstasy . Journey into Vastness has also been rewritten and expanded, and is scheduled for publication by Aro Books in 1999 as Roaring Silence .