Eight Earthly Winds
There was a well-known scholar who practiced buddhism and befriended a Chan master. Thinking that he had made great stride in his cultivation, he wrote a poem and asked his attendant to deliver it to the Chan master who lived across the river. The master opened the letter and read the short poem aloud:
"Unmoved by the Eight Worldly Winds, [1]
Serenely I sit on the purplish gold terrace."
A smile broke up on the lips of the master. Picking up an ink brush, he scribbled the word "farting" across the letter and asked that it be delivered back to the scholar.
The scholar was upset and went across the river right away to reprimand the master for being rude. The master laughed as he said, "You said you are no longer moved by the Eight Worldly Winds and yet with just one word of 'farting', you ran across the river like a rat!"
[1] Eight Worldly Winds/Conditions: Gain and loss, fame and defame, praise and blame, happiness and pain.