Benefits of Eating Vegetarian Food

a. Vegetarian food is the staple food of the world!
In reviewing typical menus around the world that are based primarily on grains and legumes with only a fraction coming from meat, milk and eggs, scientists have found a diet of about 2500 calories would supply 50% more protein than needed by 98% of the world's population!
b. Vegetarian food is healthy!
BY now all the most respectable and conservative nutrition journals have proclaimed that a good vegetarian diet is wholesome and healthful.
c. Vegetarian food does not cause deficiency!
As long as some milk is included in the regular diet, no evidence of deficiency is found.
d. Vegetarian food is good for your heart!
In fact, even conservative nutritionists have begun to speak of the dangers of eating too much meat. A wealth of evidence shows that increases in dietary cholesterol in take, present in animal products, leads to coronary heart disease. Vegetarians also have lower blood pressure because of an increased fibre intake.
e. Vegetarian foods help fight disease!
Further a vegetarian diet may reduce the risk of some kinds of cancer like cancer of the colon, rectum and breast. The ability of white cells to fight disease, is twice as much in vegetarians as in omnivores.
f. Vegetarian food is great for athletes and kids, too!
Children who are vegetarian still have enough nutrients for promoting growth and health. The balanced vegetarian diet provides the athlete with added reduction in coronary risk factors while meeting all known nutrition all needs.

Changing back to nature
First and foremost, the foods we eat should be as near the natural state as possible. They should be free of unnecessary chemicals in preserving, preparation and storage. The best anti - ageing pill is to eat less altogether and more lightly at each sitting, following the natural need of our bodies.

A word about fasting
In the ancient Asian tradition, fasting is termed a process of "Making one lighter". When properly done, it is a process of revitalization. This meant that one should be offered all the most nutritious aspects of the best quality of foods. The ideal technique for successful fasting is the use of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables or their juices. On such a diet, the full spectrum of nutrients is supplied in an easily assimilated form, so the digestive tract can remain essentially at rest. Try this when you've had a particularly heavy meal (don't we all!) or over eaten at a celebration!

Try carrot or celery juice supplemented with cucumber or spinach juice. Fresh apple, pineapple, black and green grape, mango juice are also popular. Although fresh sugar cane juice contains sugar, there is something in the fresh juice which does not cause dental decay! Eating refined sugar causes dental cavities. Try different combinations of fruit juices and spice them up with ginger or lemon juice.