EATING THE SAME PIECE OF CAKE - A Story from Buddhist Sutra
Once upon a time, there was a married couple who received three pieces of cake from their neighbour for their anniversary. As they sat down and helped themselves to the cake, there was one piece left behind. Who was going to eat it?
The husband said, "Let us have a contest between us. Whoever wins will have that piece of cake."
The wife replied, "OK. Then, whoever started to say anything will be lost."
Then, the couple sat down, each did not say a word, because whoever talked first would lost this contest. All they did was staring at that piece of cake waiting for the other spouse to start talking. Of course, it was a fun game, until.....
It soon became dark and a burglar went passing by. He noticed that the windows and door are unlocked and there were two persons sitting still inside the house, not saying a word to each other. He went in, but the two persons were still sitting quiet, not moving at all. He went inside and starting taking things out of the house, but the couple still keep their eyes on that piece of cake, ignoring him.
The burglar turned around and looked at the woman. He said, "Oh, what an attractive woman." And started touching her.
The wife could not stand this any more and roared, "You are a stupid fool. Do you see your wife is being sexually assaulted by a stranger!?"
Upon hearing what his wife said, the husband picked up the piece of cake right away and said, "Hurrah, I have won the contest!"