Dr.Amu Akaike

Amu Akaike and Master Kim will demonstrate Sundo breathing meditation on Tuesday, January 5th and Sunday, January 10th, 1999
My name is Dr. Amu (Annerose Akaike M.D.) I came to Chiang Mai two years ago to work with the HIV/AIDS community in Sanpatong Hospital, famous for its high rate in HIV infected people. Now I am working as a volunteer in several HIV groups in the villages around Chiang Mai.
Born in Germany in 1939 just before World War II I was brought up in the northern region of Germany amongst 4 sisters and brothers. I received a great influence from my father who was a caring physician and from two elder siblings who became family doctors too.
When I was 20 years old, I entered the medical faculty at University where I met one Japanese student -my later husband. I studied at three German Universities in Kiel, Berlin and Freiburg, not only medicine but I enjoyed also attending lectures in Philosophy, psychology and Japanese language.
When I was 30 years old, my husband and I went on a freighter to his home country Japan to start a new life in his family home in Tokyo. We have three children who are grown up now and I have now also 2 grandchildren. My husband died in 1986.
As I wanted to work as a physician in Japan, I was obliged to pass the medical examination once more in Japanese language. Finally when I was 40 years old I opened my own medical clinic in the German Culture Center in Tokyo. I had the chance to see many patients from all over the world, not only treating their acute symptoms but I was also sincerely interested in their personal history which gave me an understanding how certain diseases develop in certain personalities and life circumstances. Over the years I experienced that almost every dis-ease cam be traced back to an emotional problem. Through the intensive listening to the needs of my patients I gradually got involved in alternative haling methods in addition to Western treatments. So I offered my patients treatments with Chinese herbs (Kampo), acupuncture, massage and psychotherapy.
After 16 years in general practice I decided to change my life. I handed over my clinic to a Japanese colleague and departed from Japan, not knowing what life would offer me next. Through the encounter with Master Kim, a Korean teacher of the Taoist SUNDO Breathing Meditation, I was guided to where I am now, helping people living with HIV/AIDS to maintain a good quality of life and in assisting them in the process of dying. While I was working for 10 month in the governmental hospital in Sanpatong with the AIDS community, I observed the painful and weakening toxic side effects of the standard western long-term drugs.
Since one and a half year I joined a doctor from Bangkok visiting several HIV groups in temples and health stations whom we treat exclusively with herbal medicine. We give these people living with HIV/Aids advise of healthy life-style food intake and meditations. They usually gain weight, clear up their skin rashes and can lead a normal life without trouble some infections. Most of them are working. None of these patients have to suffer like the Aids patients under western drug prescription. When the time comes to die, I observe that patients who had taken only herbal remedies and had practiced breathing meditation, were clear and clean in their physical and spiritual body and cold make the transformation peacefully, while the hospital patients who received western chemical medicine until the last day (antibacterial, anti-fungal anti-retroviral drugs) had a prolonged suffering with pain and depression and went through a tremendous struggle before they could leave their body. (I would go so far to make my conclusion that the picture of full blown Aids with the terrifying opportunistic infections of lung, intestines and brain is created by the medical profession!) The development from asymtomatic HIV infection to symptomatic Aids depends mainly on the state of mind.
I am teaching the Taoist SUNDO way which is a stet of yoga like exercise and breathing meditation in movement. It is recommended to practice this deep abdominal breathing for at least 20 minutes daily for their own well being. It is important that they stop to rely on the medical profession and the hospital prescription. Instead they have to turn their heart around, literally, starting to take action for themselves as well as helping others in the same situation.