A CREATION STORY - Story from the Sutra of Hundred Parables

The Buddha actually poked fun at the idea of a Creator God, according to the Sutra of Hundred Parables (¦Ê ³ë ¸g). In this Sutra, he told approximately one hundred humorous stories to his disciples during a sermon. One of the stories told by the Lord Buddha is as follows (Chapter 61):
Other religions said, "The Brahma ('God' in Saskrit) is the father of all sentient beings. He created everything in the Universe and therefore He is the Lord of everything." Thus, one of His disciples went to see God and said, "I can also create things in the Universe because I am your student".
God replied, "This is stupid. Don't even think of it! You cannot create anything at all!"
God's disciple did not listen and went ahead to create something. When God saw what his disciple had created, He bursted into laughter, "HA! HA! See what you had created? The head is too big! The neck is too small! The hand is too big and the arm too short! And look at the feet: a big feet with a very short leg! What you had created is a terrible monster."
NOTE: you are free to interprete this story told by Buddha in anyway you want.